Monday, December 10

got ink?

Not all shopping this time of year is stressful for me. Sure some of it sucks but I think Christmas shopping can be fun under the right circumstances.

Best circumstance: alone.

Worst circumstance: with a "hair-trigger loaded with unpredictable tantrum throwing" toddler.

But in recent weeks the toy shopping part is probably the best shopping I've done with a two year old. To her it's just fun to play with all the toys while I check out as much stuff in the radius said-toy accommodates me (mobile object? excellent/ honkin' huge? affords a 5-ft radius max because she's a fast one).

Despite the occasional plea to take some of the toys home, it's a small risk and it really makes shopping much, much easier. This will only last as long as the distraction ploys at the end of the store visit continue to work. Otherwise it's back to consumer restraint due to store-hating toddler (which is a good thing actually but damn, I love shopping sometimes).

Speaking of shopping, in another ol' college try at consumer restraint, we are trying to not go overboard this year. Admittedly, we have had some momentary wavers, but restraint has been applied more often than not. I think.

That all said, it's still fun to check out the toy departments.

My brother and I used to mark the pages in the Sears Wishbook with our demands requests. Marketing completely worked on me - I wanted at least one toy on every page.

It was fun because it was cool to drool and dream but knowing that I'd be a happy kid even if I got just one item on the huge list. I don't think I was every disappointed with my gifts. Except for the pony. Still waiting on that pony.

Anyway, my parents usually bought what they knew we would like and not be done with by the time Christmas dinner had been served.

Not that I would have stopped playing with the pony by dinner. I'm just saying.

But I'm pretty sure that my parents had as much fun as I am these days.

Anyhow, a toy that made me laugh out loud on a recent shopping trip (it also prompted a picture because I am a blogger after all):

just what every mother
dreams of her child doing to their body

You know, I'm pretty sure I would have circled that in the old wishbook catalogue.

Actually, I'm dead certain my childhood self would have totally wanted this toy for Christmas. Come to think about it, I probably would of also hatched a scheme/dream to sell tattoos to all my friends.

But I'm getting off track. Bottom line, toys are a damn fun part of my Christmas tradition, and I love shopping for them.

And of course, playing with them.

Speaking of playing, Bumper won't let me play with Mr. Potato Head anymore.

I can't help but admit this denial makes me want to steal the mister and all his accessories out of her room after bedtime.

Is that immature?

Anyone else not allowed to play with their kid's toys by order of child? Or is it just me and my whacked out Mr. P creations?


crazymumma said...

Yeah its immature but so what. I would want to do the same thing.

I want the mini white electric guitar for kids I saw in toys r us.

and the tatto toy.

That is soooo cool.

kittenpie said...

cm - I am totally in lust with the Hello Kitty electric guitar!

But isn't that tattoo a fancy-looking marker? With stencils?

My toy issue lately is that I am bored with her toys. I totally want new ones for Christmas.

Kyla said...

KayTar doesn't forbid toys altogether, but she's just recently learned the phrase "No! No! No! Stop it/Don't DO dat!" and she applies it generously as she sees fit.

I so love that you took the photo. Pure awesomeness.

Whit said...

My favorite way of shopping is also sans kids but with a stop in the mall tavern first, and perhaps again later if thirsty.

jennie said...

you bought the tattoo kit, right? that's fantastic! perfect for any child (or adult).

nomotherearth said...

I'll take your bet and raise you...

I want to buy the Boy the Plasmacar because it is too fun! Have you tried it out in a toy store? I highly recommend it.

The Boy has no interest in it. He wants some dumb car garage. It's HUGE and he already has a car garage. Sigh.

SciFi Dad said...

Whenever we go to Toys R Us, my daughter always asks, "Daddy, can we look at my toys first?" because she knows that we'll eventually end up in the boyish/action figure aisle before leaving.

Mouse said...

Scooter gets mad if (ok, when) we play with toys in a different way than he dictates.

He has 2 potato heads (plus one, I think, at his grandparents--they got him Darth Tater and a Spiderman version). I bought extra animal pieces so that there would be more funny combinations. Yet, even with that many Potato Heads, I still don't get to play.

Gunfighter said...


I'm not the only one that goes to that action figure aisle???


Amy U. said...

Dog-earring pages of the Sears wish book was a tradition for us, too! I bet it's hard to practice restraint this time of year when it comes to buying toys. I might have had to buy that tattoo kit!

Janet said...

Just returned from shopping with the toddler. She consumed Teddy Grahams, raising, Smarties and one timbit, all in the form of Sit On Your Bum bribes.

I'm sitting here wondering if all that sugar is going to mess with the nap in half an hour....

Maddy said...

We just need to keep practicing our sharing skills!

This is my calling card or link"Whittereronautism"until blogger comments get themselves sorted out.

Chag said...

A promise of a trip to the toy section is the only way I get any shopping done.

Redneck Mommy said...

My kids circle their toys in the Sears Wishbook. I love that.

And I'm so buying that tattoo thingy for my kids...just so they can look like me and annoy their daddy.

Some things are worth the money.


Sugarplum's Mom said...

I still get to play with Sugarplum's toys... but I'm not allowed to sing and only allowed to dance when she deems it appropriate. Like around the living room in front of Frosty the Snowman, but NOT at the Christmas carnival while she rode the carousel with her daddy. humbug.

Mrs. Chicky said...

I dog-eared the Sears wish book so much I'm surprised it was still readable. But it was, I read that damn thing every day for months. Even after Christmas.

And you know, I never got a real tattoo. Maybe that kit is the answer.

Gunfighter said...

...and yes, I have ink... and I have more planned... see my post today.

mamatulip said...

Dude...they had these on sale at some festival we were at last year and Dave nearly bought one.

Not for Julia. For him.