Sunday, November 18

sorta silent sunday

OK, I made that one up.... it's everything like my version of Wordless Wednesday where I babble on and on in a futile mission to be wordless.

Well today I will chatter while violating the sound of silence.

Care to join me?

a fun but cold visit to the park

We missed the Santa Claus Parade but there is always next year (so sayeth the lazy parent).


Kyla said...

Cuuuuute lil Bump.

Wish it was cold here. Or wish I was there. Probably the latter. LOL.

something blue said...
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something blue said...

It's still really great weather for November. I love photos of Bumper! That swing looks like it's going super high.

I was more excited at the parade than the girls anyway.

SciFi Dad said...

Dude... you missed a tribute to web surfing float from Yahoo. No seriously.

And the best Mr. Potato Head I've ever seen... it was Macy's worthy.

I'd write more, but I can't feel my fingertips.

Check my place tomorrow for pics.

Mac and Cheese said...

The parade is probably overrated. Apparently it's just an excuse to meet call girls.

kgirl said...

We always say next year too. but next year we're really going. we can go together and kick each others' ass out the door.

nomotherearth said...

It was too cold to stay for long. I think next year will be better as the kids will be older. Care to join us?

Mrs. Chicky said...

You guys have Christmas parades? Lucky.