Monday, November 19

like I have time

We've been sucked in by another video game.

SB turned up one day last week with Super Mario Galaxy and hot damn is it fun.

Or should I say "holy crap this is a fun game when I get to play it".

I'm still too uncoordinated to be making headway (unlike SB who is like, already supreme mario, ruler of the universe or something like that).

But I have a weird learning curve with these kinds of games. It just the tricky perspectives that throw me off in the beginning and until I ...

oh - why the heck am I telling you this?

*hangs head* I can be such a nerd sometimes.

So, like I've got the time for a new game.

Mind you, some significant off line time has been in order. I'm doing all sorts of other things - like MBT and my other venture Tool of the Matriarchy.

So when it comes to the video game all I think is "like I've got time". Yet I make time because it so freakin' addictive. The music for this one makes me laugh - such very odd choices.

Anyhow, NaBloPoMo, now combined with a dash of Wii and a thump of the Tool, is going to bring me carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, and a host of blogging/gaming injuries.

Blogging injuries, now there's a new one for me. Do you think I can get insurance coverage for that?


Mac and Cheese said...

I should set you and SB up on a play-date with my husband. I'm a lousy gaming partner.

something blue said...

I'm completely addicted to video games. I've been known to give up sleep all together to get to the next level.

ali said...

super mario galaxy is great, great fun. i can't stop playing!

Cakabaker said...

When we were out in NYC on the 11th they were having a premier party for the game. Mario was there, games everywhere and people walking around with these games and monitors strapped on their bodies so people could play. The game was going on sale at midnight, and we called our nephew (manages a GamesStop in Michigan) to tell him where we were. He said they wouldn't get the game in the store until wed :) He was sooo jealous of us being there!

Heather said...

I recently confessed my own love of video games. It's hard to be a nerd sometimes.

Mimi said...

I wayyyyy too uncoordinated for video games, but I'm a media researcher! Possibly I will hire YOU as my research associate / game tester :-)

mamatulip said...

I've heard about Galaxy. My brother says it's boss.

I'm still stuck on Guitar Hero Three and Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam. We just got Proving Ground (I think that's what it's called) and I can't wait to play that.

I love video games.