Tuesday, November 20

love hate

Why would I let my daughter get her first prison-style tattoo?

To help me remember important stuff while shopping, silly.

Today is the day motherbumper shares some useful advice to help avoid toxic chemicals in plastic if you need to purchase or use something plastic (because plastic ain't all bad, ya'll).

I got myself edja-macated on plastics and the TV gods told me that these are the plastics to look for and these other ones are the ones I should avoid like the plague.

Safer "love" Plastics:

Evil "hate" Plastics:

And you thought motherbumper was just a sometimes amusing, long-winded, insane lady at the keyboard. Shame on you.

Wanna learn more? Check out this guide at Toxic Nation and this one from the Environmental Health Association of Nova Scotia

btw - I was not asked to write about this - it's just something that is really important to me and I thought someone might be interested in learning more.

Tomorrow I will write about home tattoo-removal methods.

EDIT UPDATE: The always snazzy Kittenpie sent me the link for this wicked PDF which outlines all the stuff you need/want to know when shopping for your plastics. Kittenpie rocks and deserves big slobbery kisses.


Lainey-Paney said...

thanks for sharing!

I'm the "recycling nazi" at our house. I will literally dig through the trash to pull out the recycleables. I don't have to do that so much anymore b/c the hubby is tired of my nagging. He now knows that it IS easier to rinse & recycle than to hear me complain about his lackadaisical (sp???) manner.

mothergoosemouse said...


(Sorry. Knuckle tattoos always make me think of Rocky Horror.)

I'm actually starting to look at the numbers on the plastic items now, and this little cheat sheet will really help. Thanks!

Kyla said...

Okay, we recently bought KayTar some of those possibly disposable, but we reuse them forever plastic children's flatware...do you know if they are good or bad? And do you know if things like that are tested for lead levels? They are colored plastic. Any ideas?

motherbumper said...

I have two sets made by the same company "The First Years" and both are made from #5 ("good"). Are they the same as yours?

SciFi Dad said...

what about #1?

all of our salad dressings, bbq sauce, etc are #1...

Mrs. Chicky said...

I'm totally stealing this idea. I can't remember sh*t these days.

motherbumper said...

excellent, I was afraid someone was going to think it was cruel or something. People and their hang-ups these days.

As for #1 - it is a "good" plastic also - for some reason it wasn't listed in the blurb I saw today BUT it is on the Toxic Nation site. I will have to update B's tattoo.

Janet said...

I'm so glad you wrote this because I read something similar about a month ago, thought briefly about writing down the "good" numbers, admonished myself for thinking that I couldn't remember a few numbers, and then promptly forgot said numbers.

'Cause I'm efficient like that.

something blue said...

Thank you! I can never keep it straight. Now I can tattoo my children... Brilliant! I think I'll tattoo their behinds and then ask them to show me their butts every time we are shopping and I forget.

motherbumper said...


nomotherearth said...

Very helpful. THANKS!

kgirl said...

i'm not going to mess with bumper.

kittenpie said...

I found a great pdf and printed it to take shopping for new sippy cups today, then shared it around with my coworkers, and it said the same - 1,2,4,5 are good. It even lists bottles and sippies by name for easier shopping. Phew.

But now I'm wondering about all that melamine dishware. I ahven't heard anything yet, but then, when I was feeding Pumpkinpie all those bottles, I didn't know about BPA, either... Gah.

Have started giving her her warm milk in ceramic mugs now - they aren't that breakable. We still need a few sippies for going out or on the sofa or bedside, though.