Friday, November 9

GHB wasn't on the label!

Wanna know how much I loved personalized stuff? Check out my latest review over in motherbumper's laboratory for Printakid who make personalized books for children.

And later this morning I will be participating in the Blog Blast "Get the Lead Out!" with the Parent Bloggers Network and Consumers Union. Right now I'm toddler wrangling and she doesn't like it when I try to work on the "puter".

Toys should not be dangerous - oh it makes me mad that this is even an issue. Please join in this really important blog blast - I - heck, everyone - wants to hear what you've got to say.


Jenny said...

Important stuff. Horrible...but important.

Cakabaker said...

why is it you can't get good toys anymore? Or is it that we didn't have to worry about that when my boys were young? (Now 25).
Who in their right mind would intentionally hurt children? Who I say? Nobody!, the sick bastards!