Thursday, November 8

I'm definitely not Letterman

Top ten things I do not let Bumper play with:

10. Pharmaceuticals
9. Semi-automatic guns
8. Make that: any kind of gun (including staple)
7. Rusty or brand-spankin' new nails and needles
6. Broken glass
5. Cleaning products
4. Insecticides
3. Poison
2. Knives
1. Aquadots

If you haven't heard, this craft toy turns into GHB if ingested. Teeny tiny dots that turn into the date-rape drug. The Toxin Avengers over at The League of Maternal Justice are all over this one.

The Parent Bloggers Network are hosting Get the Lead Out blog blast tomorrow - it's partnered with Consumers Union (the unbiased folks that produce Consumer Reports) - read all the details here.

Participate - I know I am.

Now back to regular programming:

"Bumper: self-portrait" by Bumper using Mommy's camera

"Give Back!" captured by Mommy on Mommy's camera


Mouse said...

This is absolutely crazy! Not exactly a little oops or anything.

kgirl said...

that story was one of the more effed up things i've read about recently.
i love your little ragamuffin.

Kyla said...

I know!!! Insanity. Christmas is making me very afraid. Walking into to Toys'R Us is like stepping into some sort of biochemical weapons crossfire. Ridiculous.

Bumper is the cutest. Well, tied for the cutest anyway. LOL.

b*babbler said...

This one, really, was beyond crazy.


Bumper is ridiculously cute!

Chag said...

Soon, it'll be deemed safer to let our children play with knives rather than toys.

something blue said...

Cameras make good toys. She's way too cute!

kittenpie said...

Look at that kid. That's one seriously grown-up looking kid. Miles away fromt he alien face-hugger I fondly remember...

And what? No broken glass? I LOVE broken glass! She can come to my house for that some day!

lildb said...

I think my kid just decided to propose to your kid.

(are you, by chance, into arranged marriages? because, ME, TOO! gasp!)


Oh, The Joys said...

F*CK! What's next, man?