Friday, November 9

motherbumper doesn't like getting mad...

... but it does happen from time to time.

In fact I rarely get serious here at casa bump but today I am.

In fact, I pity the toy that makes motherbumper mad. Or in this case toys.

First up is a kids craft product called Aqua Dots I saw advertised on TV. I thought looked kinda cool - like those stained glass kits my sister and I made when we were kids but less dangerous because no oven involved - just add water!

Oh how wrong was I about not being dangerous - it turns out this product turns into the so-called date rape drug "GHB" - gamma hydroxy butyrate when eaten. Five kids have been hospitalized and are in comas.

Isn't that the most whacked out and ludicrous thing you have heard in this long, long list of toxic toys? What happened to the days when the only thing you needed to worry about was a chocking hazard - instead of little Timmy swallowed a tiny bead and now is in a GHB induced coma?

Next up is someone close to my heart - Curious George. He contains lead - yes A PLUSH TOY has traces of lead in his hat and face paint. Thankfully Bumper's George is over twenty years old and has never poisoned anyone (to my knowledge).

And those are just the toy recalls I've heard in the past 24 hours - I would be writing for days if I tried to cover all the ones I've heard in the past few months.

I don't even know where to start when things like this happen. First off it gives me the icky feelings - like I have a conscience or something. Oh I kid, I feel remorse when I've done something bad but OMG how do those toy retail and manufacturing executives sleep at night? Do they let their children play with their products?

So seriously, what does someone like me do?

Educate myself because as that fine historical fancy pant philosophical dude Sir Francis Bacon said "Knowledge is power".
The homeboy himself, Sir. F Bacon who is
probably six degrees of Kevin Bacon

So what am I to do with this powerful knowledge once I get it?

Well the folks at Consumers Union (think of those super useful Consumer Reports) are looking for 30,000 parents to volunteer by 11/14 to be Safe Shoppers. Safe Shoppers will make sure that local retailers and stores know that we are tired of these toy recalls.

Simply put - toys shouldn't be dangerous. If we sit back and just let these toy recalls pile up, nothing will get accomplished. Retailers and manufacturers will think it is okeey dokeey to produce or sell dangerous, killer products. Heck, if it's cheaper to buy, sell, and produce a poisonous product and no one complains, what incentive is there for them to change their ways? None.

So let's join together and make a collective voice, one that says no more dangerous toys!

Join me would ya? I pity the fool who doesn't!

This post is part of the Get The Lead Out! Blog Blast hosted by the fine folks over at The Parent Bloggers Network. Check out what is going on over at their site and also with the Toxin Avengers over at The League of Maternal Justice.


Heather said...

It really is pretty sick when you think about it.

mama k said...

It's so crazy it doesn't seem real. How can you not get mad, kwim?

My entry is here :)

Kyla said...

It is just awful. Christmas just seems scarier and scarier.

kittenpie said...

Ugh, it's just terrible. It's like it's some kind of karmic revenge on the children for the sins of their parents' consumerism. We are so sticking to puzzles and books.

mamatulip said...

It's freaking me the fuck out.


(am sorry I haven't been around more. am dealing with sick four year old. yesterday it was ass pee. today it's puke.)

Mrs. Chicky said...

These lead recalls are crazy! I think I'll get Chicky a tree stump for Christmas. If I dress it up she'll never know the difference.

Thanks for all the great information!

b*babbler said...

I'm stunned by all this. It's just seems beyond crazy, like we're living in some weird, alternate universe.

I'm looking at European wooden toys and books, lots of books, for this Christmas.

VICTORIA said...

What to say? It's all just so sick, sick, sick!

Redneck Mommy said...

It's making me a bit crazy trying to buy Christmas presents for all the kids in my life. I'd hate to be responsible for bringing in toxic toys into their homes.

It's seriously pissing. me. off. You wouldn't think buying toys would be more hazardous than letting your kids play with the chemicals under your sink...

Denguy said...

Whoa, I'm so down with this! I usually only purchase toys made of wood or other natural products. Those other toy retail and manufacturing execs must be fucked in the head.

something blue said...

Now that I'm reading the fine print on all the labels, everything seems to be from China.

You know parents really have it too easy. Let's find a way to make things a bit difficult and complicated. Right?