Sunday, August 26

you showed me yours

The post As Permanent as a Moment You Want to Keep Like an Heirloom, by Girl's Gone Child was my inspiration to ask about everyone's tattoos.

Comments led me to believe that most people with or wanting a tattoo will be more than happy to talk when asked about their artistic selection. So many different folks commented about what they would do if they had the time, money, or support of friends.

I originally wrote the post in order to get some inspiration and that is something I definitely received from reading the comments and posts. Don't worry, no need to hunt me down - I haven't stolen anyone's ideas, I found my inspiration from reflecting on why people committed to such a permanent reminder of a point in the past.

People who wrote posts are linked below. I thank each of you for sharing. If you write one and want to add it the list just leave me a link in the comments. Enjoy!

Mommy 911: Ink

Motomom: The Painted Lady

Not So Sage: My Third-Life Crisis

SciFi Dad: TRS: Fire in the Hole! AND Ink

GOnelsons: You're always on my mind, or You=Armadillo

The Cerebral Mom: The fable my tattoo tells me...

~Perfect~: Sign of Saturn

It's not too late! If I missed your story or want to be added send me an email or leave a link in the comments here. I'll gladly come read and add you to this list.


Anna&Sophie said...

Interesting post!
I live in Toronto, too!

Chag said...

Cool! Off to read everyone's tattoo stories.

mamatulip said...

Sweet! I know I wrote about my tattoos on my blog somewhere but for some reason I can't find the post. I'll keep trying and come back with the link if I do. :)

jennie said...

here's a link for you - more about the reason and the connection than the art itself...

Jenifer said...


Thanks for linking me... I feel honored :)