Tuesday, August 28

ohhhhh shiny button

So I received an award. Twice. Hee.

Two beautiful bloggers awarded me the Nice Matters Award. Which is f'ing mind-blowing considering I swear so much.

In case you don't know, the Nice Matters Award "is for those bloggers who are cool people and awesome blog friends - those who bring tingly feelings and inspiration. Also for those who are a positive influence on our blogging world."

To be called a positive influence makes me feel all nice and mushy inside. Twice!

First I received it from Gabriella over at Our Little Funny Bunny who I've hung out with (live! in person!) and have admired her amazing daughter up close (and believe it or not, she is more beautiful in person). And her mommy is beautiful too. Thank you.

I *heart* Something Baby Blue. I've seen her in her smalls you know. She was one of my roomies extrodinaire at the conference that shall remain unsaid. She is smart, very very smart. She awarded me the Nice Matters Award because I often creep into her head and keep her company. Which is super cool because she does the same. Dammit, she is one of the naughtiest-nice ladies I know. Thank you.

Now I always have trouble awarding these because I think everyone is nice but I couldn't let something so beautiful go by without saying thank you (sixty thousand times).

Hey you noticed two different graphics eh? Well Gabriella awarded the original to me and that naughty&nice Something Blue had me be her partner in crime and polish her sexy button up all fine and dandy (ohhhhhh that sounds naughty!).

Thanks ladies for making me blush.


Kyla said...

You'd have gotten it three times over, if I hadn't known you'd already received it. Because what, I ask you, is nicer than someone who gives people chocolate? Nothing. Nothing is nicer. ;)

something blue said...

Hee hee. Did you try to hide how nice you are? Give it up nice girl. Plus your sexiness is out of the closet!