Wednesday, August 8

mid week bullets

I guess I shouldn't be surprized, but my top search keywords hits this week were:
  • skidoo suit fashion - Fashion - really? I don't think skidoo suits qualify as fashion.
  • bedroom smells - I hope you aren't looking to me for a solution - or worse, as a source.
In other news:
  • If you haven't seen the promo video for Hot & Bothered- which was filmed at BlogHer - you must check it out. I think a hole might have been burned in the ozone by the looks of things. YOWZERS!
  • I reviewed the movie rental 300. I think it may have been called 300 for the amount of money shots made during the entire film.
  • I'm still trying to be green and I'm challenging myself to make some easy changes - so I posted it at eco-trippin'.
  • Anybody mind telling me when my daughter grew up? Because last time I checked she was a baby - now she's freakin' kid - who do I call to stop this?

stop distracting me lady - Dora is on


Kyla said...

She DOES look like a kid! A beautiful kid at that.

I'll have to check out the 300 review. Josh is dying to see it, but from what I can gather it might be one I'd prefer to pass on.

The video was AWESOME.

Christina said...

I'm sad I missed out on the Hot & Bothered video. Must make reservations earlier next year before the popular hotel fills up.

From a stage combat study point of view, I liked 300. (my husband loved it, but stage combat is what he does) But yeah, the portrayal of women in the film is awful.

kittenpie said...

Am loving the H&B vid.

And? Just enjoy it. Seriously, there are those bittersweet moments of looking back, but they become more and more fascinating and engaging as they turn into little people, not babies. I am loving how Pumpkinpie can hold a conversation about stuff and really listen now.

Major Bedhead said...

She's adorable.

Sometimes I wish I could put bricks on their heads and stop them from growing up, but most of the time, I love watching the changes.

Chag said...

Loved the video! Now I'm all hot and bothered.

mamatulip said...

I loved the Hot n' Bothered video. I caught it last night, then went off to be alone with my right hand. ;)

Dude. In regards to the whole 'children growing up before your bloody eyes' thing -- I KNOW. My god, do I know.

ewe are here said...

And such an adorable kid, too!

kgirl said...

once they're in pigtails, it's all over.

Alley Cat said...

Yup, it's the pigtail thing. It happened over here too. I was just told, however, that if they still wear diapers, we can still call them "babies".

Oh, The Joys said...

I love the way you gyrate near me in that video.

(Bow chicka bow wow!!)

Lisa b said...

She's such a cutie! I personally think they just get better and better. Babies are just not really my thing. I like verbal people. The screaming just wears me down.
Ok I am off to check out hot and bothered!

mothergoosemouse said...

That video slays me. I can't decide what's funnier - Liz talking with her mouth full of cookies, or Julie humping that furry black WHATEVER that adorned the W hotel beds.

I swear those kids age overnight. And you notice it not in their faces, but in their hands or the way they move.

Mrs. Chicky said...

Yep, she's a kid. And a cute one at that.

And speaking of physical beauty, have you ever seen so many gorgeous male specimens in one movie before?? The abs, my Lord, the ABS.

(and I'm just going to act like the video never happened. Because I looked more bothered than hot in that video.)

something blue said...

I could film you all day and all night baby! A 24 hour reality motherbumper channel would be hot.

Your girl is sweet. As long as I don't wake up and find my house infested with teenagers, I should be okay but that could happen.

Jenifer said...

She's so so cute!

And if you figure out how to stop the whole growing process please let me know.... My daughter turned 3 yesterday.... THREE!

Holy hell.