Thursday, February 15

weeeeeeeee! Opps, I mean Wii!

I saw an adult in a snowsuit yesterday. Not a skidoo suit but a bright purple and teal snowsuit. And she appeared sane. Not to say that an adult in a snowsuit, sans skidoo, would be insane. But when this person is on the subway in a major urban area, the outfit might be branded as "overkill".

Yes it did snow recently but really, does 10 cm of snow call for a snowsuit? I'm just saying.


Anyhow, moving right along. A service announcement: I've decided to rename husband "sb" because I'm too lazy to type out husband all the time. Sb is much more manageable for my lazy digits. Sb is my private name for him and no I'm not telling you what it means.


So sb and I finally got our Wii. We have been trying to get one of these things since Christmas time and my diligent stalking visits to the local electronics store finally paid off.

I could barely believe it when the woman said she was going to the stock room to get the last one for me. I figured she would come back and say sorry we are sold out, because I have heard that approximately 45,000 times since December.

Actually, at one point in January the store had put up a handwritten sign in the Nintendo section that said "Don't bother our employees about the Wii - we are sold out". I told them it was a rude sign, completely against the core principals of customer service and they agreed. As a former retail muse I found the notice incredibly offensive and punished them by being that annoying (but not rude) customer. Good times.

Back to the day I actually managed to purchase a Wii:

So after asking the customer service lady 6000 pointless questions and making them explain their extended warranty without any intention of purchasing said warranty, I left giggly with my - whoops - our new gaming console. Yes folks, I'm an annoying customer BUT only when my buttons are pushed. Poor kids, I guess they don't really deserve it but it's payback for all my years of dealing with yee-haws like me.

Anyhow, the Wii is truly amazing. End of story.

Okay, I'll say more:

It's a workout in a box. I'm addicted to bowling. It's like having an alley in the living room. No seriously, it is. You hold the "ball" up, swing and lunge to the release. WICKED for the quads. Really, it is. I started with a score in the 120's and managed a 194 by the end of the night (10 pin bowling). It's like being at the alley but no Lysoled shoes to wear or bad draught beer. Sweet.

Watching sb play baseball is amazing. He has a wicked arm IRL so it's cool to witness. We haven't even cracked open Zelda yet because the included Sports package is so much fun. And while I haven't seen golf, the tennis and boxing games are also total work-outs (you sweat!). We seriously need another controller (hard to find for purchase right now) so we can bring out that wonderful competitive nature we admire in each other.

I love the fact that it's backwards compatible with all my Game Cube games. We also can surf the net from our TV. Watching sites like YouTube and reading blogs on the big screen is fantastic. Score one huge one for Nintendo.

I just read what I typed and now I just have to say:



Sandra said...

A nerd with a super cute hair cut. When I saw you yesterday I kept wanting to interrupt everyone to talk about your hair. Love the sassy short do.

That makes me a shallow nerd I think.

Congrats on the Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

Gabriella said...

Sooo you did cut your hair!! Good for you! And I'm jealous of the Wii.

Oh and the Hope in the Jar I bought it at Sephora. And I swear it does give you hope.

Mary-LUE said...

We bought my son a Wii on ebay after Christmas. It was still more than it should have been but less than the pre-Christmas crowd paid. Anyway, I've been thrilled with how much use my husband and daughter get out of it, too. My daughter (6) loves the boxing and baseball and every night my husband disappears for 30-60 minutes to play tennis. What a treat for a change. A video game that anyone can play, or at least enjoy watching others play.

Happy Gaming!

lildb said...

if by nerd, you mean AWESOME, then, yes. you're a nerd.

mamatulip said...

LOL, well, if you're a nerd then you're in good company. We don't have a Wii, but we have a PS2 and we are ADDICTED to Guitar Hero. We rawk out EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. I'm still jealous that Dave got the Freebird encore and I didn't.


And dude, I was just wondering the other day if they make snowsuits for adults. I could use one right now, what with the four fucking feet of snow we have. I think before I get an adult snowsuit I should invest in some winter boots.

Lisa b said...

I just had to ask my husband what a Wii was and then I read the bowling thing and realised its all interactive and COOL and I want one.

PS snowsuit on an adult in TO - major fashion violation.

Tania (urbanmommy is so 2006) said...

I wish I was your kind of nerd. I have never been able to play video games. I can only yell commands at The Husband as he plays.
And I agree with Sandra about the short hair, looks great.

soleclaw said...

3 words: I HATE YOU!!!!! You and everyone else who has a Wii. Like you, Joe and I have tired ourselves out going to every electronics store in the area looking for the Wii. We've been told when to get there if we want one, when shipments usually arrive, but nothing concrete. We gave up our search and figure if it's meant to be we'll get it eventually.

God when you play Zelda tell me how you like it. I've heard it's amazing.

penelopeto said...

oh, we don't talk about the wii at my house, because chris knows it ain't happenin. at least, not right now. (but i secretly want one too; maybe for our anniversary in may if some money falls out of a tree in front of me before that.)

oh, and the guy that sits next to me wears friggin snowpants to come to work. because you know how much snow there is on the subway.

and sb - sugar booger?

Izzy said...

I have to admit that while I'm not into video games at all...the Wii looks like a lot of fun. I'm glad you were able to finally get one!

Her Bad Mother said...

OK, now I have to have one. HAVE TO. We're big (BIG) game nerds around here, and if there's exercise, too? I'M IN.