Thursday, August 2

Lesser Known Yoga Position #1267: The Maxwell Smart

Oh yes, I'm gonna post about my toddler because I'm a mommyblogger dammit, and proud. Actually I loathe the term mommyblogger but I'm a mommy, I blog, and the chicken suit fits.

OK, let's not go there but let's just say that I'm not posting about diapers, therefore I must be breaking from the norm*.
* apparently at one of the BlogHer07 sessions, someone (in the audience or panel not sure which) said that mommybloggers only post about diapers and other banal shit. I wish I had been there to snort from the back row ('cos that's what I do... maybe if I had a vodka on the way over, I'd get up and fight... but soberity tends to keep my mouth shut). Was anyone at that panel and able to fill me in?

Moving right along (and now I'm worried that this qualifies as "banal"):

Bumper has a new yoga pose and it cracks me up: she likes to use her foot as a phone.

SB already told me about this and I was "like, whatever... she uses dominos and food as phone, big f'ing whoop" but OMG she did it this morning and my brain melted and my heart exploded from the cuteness of it all.

I'm serious, I felt all pink and mushy which is very uncomfortable for me, considering I'm usually the only mom at my local playground wearing black from head to toe. Why that makes me different, I'm not sure but it's the only thing that I seems to make me different in this neck of the woods. I think this requires further analysis.

So Bumper does this total foot to the ear thing and says "daddee... blah, blah, blah... daddee... etc" and I'm all like over-achiever mom and racing for the camcorder, tripping over the piles of laundry, empties, and broken toys - almost spilling my drink*.
* I kid, I only drink in the afternoons

I didn't get to the digi in time, so I sent SB an email extolling the greatness of my progeny (and acknowledging that he had a hand in her amazing powers).

I'd kill for this kind of flexibility. I wonder what the reception is like?


Gabriella said...

Wow. I would love that flexibility.
And I have to say when did Bumper grow up? She looks so much like a little girl now!

mothergoosemouse said...

Ohhhh...I'm actually gasping here. The position, the caption, the expression.

Tacy always did downward facing dog, but CJ has a whole repertoire. None like this position though.

Naomi (Urban Mummy) said...

Oh! Wow! How incredibly cute!! I love when they do things like that!!!

The Weed does things like that, actually. More like gymnastics poses, pulling both lets straight while holding them in his hands (at the same time as nursing)...quite a site!

SciFi Dad said...

That is impressive!

It's amazing how flexible they can be at this age, isn't it? My daughter sits down, opens her legs into a "V", widens the angle, then rolls forward until she makes a "T" (where her legs are the top part and her torso is the bottom part). It looks painful to me, but she seems OK.

btw: email me if you want to know what happened last night when BB went off the air (re: HoH)

mamatulip said...

That picture is AWESOME.

Kyla said...

That is SO awesome. I bet it gets great reception. KayTar and I do yoga. She is the instructor, she shouts positions and I have to obey. There are three positions of her own creation.

Turtle: lay on your tummy on the floor and sign "turtle"

Dog: Stand in a kneeling position and sign "dog"

Stan Up: Stand up

It sounds simple, but when your two year old is quickly shouting positions at you, it is a bit like military training. *lol* So, I'm definitely not teaching her "Foot Phone", that one would kill me. ;)

nomotherearth said...

So cute!

We really have to hang out on the playground sometime soon. I like your style.

Mimi said...

That's hilarious, especially because she's got the absolutely correct 'can you hear me now' expression on her face. Munchkin just likes to use the remote controls as a phone. The phone, she likes to lick it. Don't know why.

dana said...

Oh, that photo is so cute!

I'm cracking up because you said, "the chicken suit fits."

I have this image of wearing a chicken costume and doing, what else? The chicken dance!

I know, I'm a dork. But I love it.

Mrs. Chicky said...

Oh my lord, the cuteness! And she's obviously very advanced. I hear in the future we'll all have foot phones. That's why yoga and pilates are so hot.

Jenifer said...

I heart your daughter. That's too cool!

Jezer said...

Oh. my. God.

You know that you're going to have to submit that photo to her high school yearbook for the senior year baby photo round-up, right?

kittenpie said...

Ha. If she can still do that when she is eleven, she is SO SET. She won't even have to beg for her own phone line!

leisa said...

Ha ha ha! My daughter loves doing my prenatal yoga dvd with me. She sits on the floor in lotus her hands in namaste and yells "put on the yoghurt dvd mummy!" I'm showing her this photo - she's up for a challenge!

shauna said...

That is too cute! And I'm dying to learn more about the banal diaper lady...

Alley Cat said...

Funnier than funny! Love the pic!

something blue said...

Love the Maxwell Smart position! I'll be waiting for the video of that.

You'll never be banal.