Friday, August 3

does it taste like chicken?

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When I was a kid, the camps I attended were on the more "square" side.

No weenie roasts or lake swimming for motherbumper, I went to French camp. Not to learn how to kiss (though that did happen) but to attend language classes and do more urbane things such as horseback riding or photography.

I didn't mind, I was a weak specimen and I even helped my parents select the camps. Yes gentle readers, I was a bit of a snot growing up...

But I'm getting off track here.

I read an article today that made me thankful that I didn't attend this particular camp - God knows what I would have done.

Apparently at a Bible camp called Camp Kadesh in Saskatchewan, a counsellor thought it was a good idea to kill and roast a squirrel over a fire in front of his charges. He first injured the squirrel by throwing a stick at it (what a man!) and then proceeded to kill, skin, and cook the poor creature.

Here are some of the thoughts that ran through my mind when I read this article:

Saint Francis wouldn't approve.

That doesn't sound very Christian to me.

What does Kadesh mean? (It means holy but not holey like the squirrel ended up)

I wonder if that counsellor has the same edition of The Joy of Cooking as me? Because my edition contains some wonderful tips and hints for skinning and cooking a squirrel (click to enlarge).

I also wonder... does it taste like chicken?

hey human, I found a recipe I want to try


Kyla said...

Josh says, "Yes, it tastes like dark meat chicken."

Please don't ask me how he knows this. :P <--- that is a slightly disgusted smiley, in case you can't tell.

Jenifer said...

My husband (believe this or not) has actually eaten squirrel.... yes we here out in New England are a strange sort.... anyways he says yes, it tastes like chicken but "gamier" (whatever the hell that means). He says its because of the nuts they eat.

*** Note : He apparently did this while in boy scouts and I was not involved in ANY way whatsoever :)

mothergoosemouse said...

I especially like the hunting boot used to anchor the squirrel's tail in the illustrations. A spike heel wouldn't have the same sort of authenticity, would it?

nomotherearth said...

But he probably looked really manly throwing a stick at the squirrel, right....?

Simply Hollie said...

ewww the idea of squirell being cooked infront of Roo who was at camp this week well wants to make me hurl....thanks for stopping by the blog..

kittenpie said...

OH. MY. GOD. That is appalling! Of course, I love squirrels, so maybe it's just me and yeah, I remember the old JofC did have that and possum and other weird shit in it, but really. If they were at some sort of survivalist camp, this might be expected, but that's just creepy.

(And yeah, no shit - you have to injure a squirrel first? Wouldn't want it to charge you or anything.)

And finally, re your comments at my place? I LOVE YOU TOO, MAN!

Anonymous said...

a good squirrel is a dead squirrel. Just kidding. I am absolutely petrified of squirrels (and other rodents) but I don't think that I could ever kill one let alone eat one.

crazymumma said...

oh gawd thatsd funny. sorry.

I am intensly jealous of all of you doing blogher.

seething in fact.

Niihaus said...

When did my exhusband become a camp counselor?

Lisa b said...

I don't know what to say,.
My friend's dad grew up eating squirrel because otherwise they didn't eat.
I also really, really believe children, well people in general, should know where their food comes from.
My three year old knows which animals she eats. For me this goes right along with knowing tissue used to be trees. Who really knows how much of this she understands and how it is going to blow up in my face.
As for my first theory now that I think about it all the meat we ate in China was killed right in front of us and/or still looked like what it was ie fish with its head on and the eco-record there ain't so hot.
Right, so BAD Camp Counsellor then.

something blue said...

I always wanted to go to summer camp but now I'm glad that I didn't. Especially because it would have been in that crazy province of Saskatchewan.

So for you, was it at least lessons in French kissing?

TYGA said...

oh my gosh. i went to camp knew that guy who did. that and was even there. he's so sweet. and a amazzaing person. you shouldn't judge him like that. he's an amazing christian. and hes taught me so much about god over the years i've been there. plus your just jealous becuz that camp is the most ballin camp ever, and like pure happiness for me.