Wednesday, July 4

So much to say, so few words

Holy Moly - have you been over to MBT lately? Yes, I'm shameless in my pimping but this is a seriously cool project:

Do you have an issue that just makes you want to march right up to Parliament Hill and take the bull by the horns?

Want to feel the power of women bloggers and how blogging can make an impact?

Want to be part and act now?

Well here is a chance to take part in BlogHers ACT Canada. Read all about the Canadian excitement here and here. Updates are coming in all the time and ideas are flying.

What issue are we going to run with and take to task over the next year? Add your two cents, it might be your issue.

Let's make a difference folks. We are here and we blog so why don't we take it one step further?


In other news, SB is finally back from his trip and my shock of no-naps-for-me toddler is wearing off ever so slightly.

What's up with the nap-strike? Is there a union boss I can negotiate with? I have some Dora stickers (with map! and boots! and yes, even the backpack), a few chocolate chips, and the ever popular COOKIES. Seriously, I'm willing to negotiate but I might just have to play hard ball soon [read Ferber].

But you know, not all was frustrating. Bumper and I had a ton of playdates and I made sure we had plans for every single day. I now have extensive knowledge of many parks and playgrounds along the subway. I can find us a SLIDE! or 'wing almost anytime it's requested.

This photo - that's what I saw most of the week - we were constantly on the move.

We had a lot of fun. One thing I really noticed is that words are becoming more clear. I don't get them all and sometimes we talk like I'm a foreign tourist trying to understand verbal directions to subway but I like the challenge.

Yesterday one of the words of the day was stick.

Only she said dick. Over and over and over again. On the subway. At the start of rush hour. Did I mention it was said really, really loud? Fun times.

I didn't actually get it until she threatened me with a stick. Where did she get the stick? She collects sticks like they are going out of style. You should have seen what I found in the couch tonight. Wait, that is totally off topic.

What was my topic? Oh yes, I hadn't established that yet. Toddler = Fun = Embarrassing moments. Not new or astoundingly mathematical but it pretty much explains how my brain is working right now (in case you are wondering, it's not).

I should sign off but not before more pimping (stop groaning, it's painless) - I have a new review up at motherbumper's laboratory for a nasal sanitizer that helps prevent colds and infections. It's a germ killer folks and it's totally virucidal (I'm liking that word) - check it out.


mamatulip said...

I love the shirt Bumper's wearing in that picture. It's super cool and very "Nightmare Before Christmas"-ish.

I'm glad you're not flying solo anymore. Real glad. :)

kgirl said...

Well, I have to investigate something that is virucidal.

(And you should see the collection of dicks in the basket of our stroller. That's a lot of dicks.)

Kyla said...

The other day while dressing, I offhandedly taught KayTar "boobs" (she pointed up and said "Eggs?" so I said "Boobs.") and now she likes to walk up to me when we are just about anywhere honk them, and say "Boob!" Grand. Just grand.

mothergoosemouse said...

Sticks are big around here too. CJ licks the end of the stick so that she can draw on the bricks. I suppose it's better than eating rabbit turds.

crazymumma said...


snort. she's a funny lass.

kittenpie said...

Pumpkinpie? Still collects sticks. And now she's discovered what I loved as a kid - the joy of collecting ROCKS. So solid, so permanent. We have a little berry box full on the front porch right now, some 60 or 70 strong. By the end of the summer, we should be able to anchor our house with it. Just in case, you know.

JMA said...

Not to be an alarmist, or anything, but the collecting? It doesn't seem to have any end.

Eight years and counting ....

nomotherearth said...

Hm. All the Boy collects are crackers, which are promptly eaten. We are slowly introducing french, and the Boy thinks "bonjour" is the funniest word EVER!

Her Bad Mother said...

Well, you know how WonderBaby feels about sticks.

WB, by the way, has been asking for Bumper EVERY HOUR ON THE HOUR since Wednesday