Tuesday, July 17

my caped crusader

On the majority of outings this past weekend, B insisted on wearing her towel over her head. She calls it her cape (CAPe!).

Her demands for CAPe! when it was misplaced a few times each day, rivaled her demands for juice.

She rushed around with it on, hid in plain sight (we can assume it makes her invisible), and used it to become part of her Dad's shoulder when he carried her around.

I love to see her pretending - convincing herself that she is unseen when right there with us.

It makes me happy that she is playing in her imagination because I still remember how some of my childhood games were incredibly vivid and involved. Those were some of the best times when growing up.

All the kids in the neighborhood played for hours in the woods behind our homes. We had castles, luxurious homes, Little House log cabins, and Battlestar Galactica adventures to name a few of the hundreds of games we played - sometimes for days on end. I loved those times.

I'd love to capture that ability again. I've gotten too bogged down in reality lately.

I really need to exercise it in order to keep it. I'm glad I've got this chance to use it again.

With her, the games are endless and usually fun (save for the ones that involve steamrolling mom or end in pulling of mom's hair).

By the way, I am going to make her a more practical cape.

Not because I want to make it more "real" looking as opposed to "bath towel" looking.

Because those details are not important in imaginary land.

But in real-world land, size can really trip you up.


There is a new blog up at MBT - called eco-trippin'.

I'm headed out on the road with a few friends to BlogHer in Chicago and we are trying to make it as eco-friendly and green as possible. Do you know any great eco-friendly travel tips or interested in traveling "green"? Please come on over, leave a comment, check out our links, because this is going to be fun.


crazymumma said...

oh the cape the best ever toy thing whatever in kid land.

I wish i had one to sweep about me in a grand flourish and make it all go away. Or make it something else.

The eco trip you all have planned sounds so fun! I wish I had some tips to share but I have never even put my brain in such a place.

I do know however that if you run out of money just get Metro drunk and put her in a bar with a pack of cards.

kgirl said...

ohmygod, that is freakin adorable. seriously.

i love it when i see little kids all dressed up (or in their best cape). me and chris promised each other that we would never be the kind of parents to tell our daughters that a princess costume was not appropriate for brunch.

mamatulip said...

I love it. I'm reminded of something I used to do when I was a kid -- I used to put my mom's pantyhose on my head and pretend I had long hair.

I'm blushing.

Kyla said...

I bought BubTar a green hooded thermal blanket before he was born, and I remember hoping that one day he would chose to run around wearing it so it could follow him out of babyhood into the years beyond. He did...and he still does. I just love it. And now KayTar follows along behind him in a bath towel, much like Bumper's.

OMG! BlogHer next week! SQUEE!

SciFi Dad said...

Love the cape.

Our current imagination game involves a large bag... she goes "shopping"... it makes for an interesting end to the day when we find out what she's "purchased" that day.

Two Shews said...

Hi. Delurking here. I made a cape for my son, and it came out kinda nice. Not like capes are hard or anything, but I liked how it turned out and I couldn't find a pattern, so I could help out with that if you needed one. And stuff.

I am pa-the-tic. Yikes.

Anyway. Pics at http://twoshews.blogspot.com/2007/06/not-quite-harvard.html.

kittenpie said...

Oh, I love this. And you know, everything's an adventure when you're wearing a cape...

nomotherearth said...

Who doesn't love a girl in a cape? Has she been reading Harry Potter without telling you, again??

Mrs. Chicky said...

Love the cape! I wonder what kind of superhero she thinks she is.

mothergoosemouse said...

I love to observe the pretending, especially when Tacy starts narrating the action.

Jenifer said...

That's too cute. I also love the stage my daughter is in. She will be 3 next month and is very into imaginary friends right now. It is very cute.... well except when she insists you tuck in all the Wiggles and give them good night kisses too!

something blue said...

Juice and a cape! What more does a girl need? Your super hero is too cute.

slouching mom said...

Perfect. A cape. I could really use one, too.

She's adorable.