Monday, July 16

Monday morning stuff

Did you all have a good weekend?

We did, even though it was busy, lacking in time, and full of mud.

But it was also filled with BBQ and playgrounds. And thoughtful toddlers.

It's a typical Monday morning around Casa Bump. SB is rushing to get ready to hit the office, I'm chasing B with some cereal, and I've got some stuff to share:

(1) Go check out the BlogHers ACT: Canada site over at MBT - we've got the topics and now the discussions become more focused.

Please go vote on what topic you want to see our focus on for the next year. Take the time to do a short survey on the topic and focus of our ACT, it will make you feel all accomplished for a Monday morning.

(2) I have a new review up at the Lab. A huge thank you to all that visit my little lab. I really appreciate your support. I know you are going there - I see the numbers! Thank you folks.

I wrote a review on & CleanRest products which involves clean stuff and sleep - two of my favorite things (no seriously, those are two of my favorite things and I find them so hard to maintain these days).

At least once a week I receive an unsolicited email asking me to review a product or service. Up until this point, I have said no because the product or service is not something I'd use or think readers would be interested in hearing about.

But recently, I got an email from a group called that is partnered with CleanRest maker of mattress, duvet, and pillow protectors. I know that doesn't sound exciting but it was for me (I really have to get out more).

The key reason I got excited is I was in the process of comparison shopping for a mattress protector and had done enough research to make my choice. When I received this email request to review that exact product, it was just like the shopping gods had smiled down on me.

Yet, I'm skeptical by nature so I always think when agreeing to reviews in exchange for product, if it sucks at least I can warn someone.

[finish reading this review by clicking here]


Kyla said...

Why does Bumper look SO grown up in the photo?!? Very beautiful of course...but so very kid-like as well. Wow.

Kyla said...

Oh, and I looked over in your sidebar...and you are at MY place reading right now. Twilight zone-ish. *lol*