Tuesday, June 26

This day in herstory

A year ago today a friendship was formed over swings and sand. Bumper met her best friend, buddy-o-pal, her favorite opponent, her worthy comrade, WonderBaby on this day in history.

I could tell you many MANY stories of their adventures and wrestling matches but I'll spare you.

I could tell you how much strong support, good cheer, and friendship has blossomed between the moms but I'll spare you.

I could tell you how funny WB's mom is when she's had a few drinks but I'll spare you (I'll record that evidence at BlogHer).

I will tell you how wonderful and supportive the blogosphere, momosphere and all the 'speres have been in my life and without them I'd probably be certifiable.

And I'll tell you how much I love to see these two little ladies together. I love it more than chocolate.

Yes folks, that much.

Also on this day in history:

Last year I finally got new blinds for the living room. No more free peep shows for the neighbours.

Now there is a two drink minimum.

Maybe I should have started with that story instead because it just doesn't seem as interesting as the one about the girls. Gotta work on that writing style.

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mothergoosemouse said...

Those mom-mom/kid-kid friendships are priceless. And they can survive geographic separation, as Mayberry Mom and I will attest.

Blinds can be priceless too. Depends how much distance you've got between your building and the next one (and how many people over there own binoculars).

Mrs. Chicky said...

So sweet! I'd love to see the two of them together.

kgirl said...

god bless good friends, and ikea.

metro mama said...

The momosphere's been pretty good to me too.

I'd love to get Cakes in on the cage match more often!

Jezer said...

Awww, man, what Al and I would do to get in on some of that action!

Her Bad Mother said...

WonderBaby thinks that Bumper and her mommy are better than ice cream. And that's saying a lot.

(WB's mommy thinks she's spot on.)

kittenpie said...

I love this. And you guys, all four of ya.

Kyla said...

Better than chocolate?!? WOW! I'm jealous of ANYTHING that is better than chocolate. ;)