Tuesday, June 27

two bad ladies most certainly

I just read HBM's post over at Mama Blogs Toronto the new hangout for the ladies of the GTA. Well, as I said in my comments "I'm blushing". I can't tell you how much of a relief it was yesterday that when I met HBM, she didn't hang out for 30 minutes and then excuse herself with something like:

"I've got to go buy some stuff.. at a store... you know... so it was nice meeting you (while backing away and being non-committal)...see ya and keep reading!"

Because I figured that 30 minutes would be the magical number of minutes to not seem rude and still be able to salvage an afternoon. You know any lady worth her salt knows that you always need an exit strategy. But here is the funny thing: I didn't think up an exit strategy before I met her because I knew I was going to like her. I just knew it. And thank God I was right. PHEW (massive sigh of relief)!

And what isn't there to like to like about her? She's articulate (unlike me. And there can only be one inarticulate person because the conversation would never get anywhere), she's a mom, she's a mom who doesn't have all the answers nor pretends to, her baby is to DIE FOR, and she wears cool sneakers. I mean come on folks, what isn't there to like?

But on the subway ride downtown I thought "What if she doesn't like me? What if Bumper does that alien face hugger thing (she did) and she can't get WonderBaby out of her grasp? What if I have rice cereal in my hair? What if she secretly makes fun of my pink nursing shirt*? I don't usually wear pink but it was the only clean shirt I have and what if she thinks I'm all girly girl and not too bright and a crappy mom because I can't keep a hat on Bumper's head? AND AND... you know what folks? My pink shirt and all those terror thoughts didn't matter. I was freaked out because when I read HBM I'm always (yes! always!) blown away. I love it when I can totally see another point of view with such clarity. Seeing is not the same as agreeing but when a POV is presented in her style, I'm just totally blown away. And she's funny. That is very VERY important. She is very funny.

But I didn't need to freak out. And she didn't back away with excuses 30 minutes after we met. We had a great afternoon.

So maybe we all haven't met face to face yet but we've met heart to heart (awwww)and brain to brain (ewwww) and those are the important things (besides footwear). So we already know each other (insert carnel joke here) and we just need to identify the vessels. And what vessels I'm sure they all are!

So I'll stop talking now and show my pics from yesterday because who can't get enough of WonderBaby and Bumper? NOT ME!

WB: pleased to meet you, my name is Wonder Baby
M: hey mom
WB: who's she?
B: That's just my mom. I must hug your head
WB: what the?

Alien face hugger folks. Is it a bad thing? No really. When a kid does this to your kid do you freak? I don't but I'd like to know if it's a bad thing.

hangin' out baby style

* no offense to those who like pink. I'm more of a black and neutals kinda gal. But it's a cool style shirt and I can whip the ladies out in a moments notice. Once again, H&M Momma section.


Her Bad Mother said...

Aw. Now *I'm* blushing. As I said in my own post, it was such a fun, *relaxed* afternoon. And I'll be pestering you to do it again. Soonest.

Cuz that alien face hugger thing is sort of addictive.

sunshine scribe said...

Great photos. Its wonderful your bloggy-blind-date was such a success and you gotta love the alien face hugging!

Mama Duck said...

Hee hee, I love the hugging, too cute!

Jezer said...

That is TOO MUCH CUTE in one place! I'm so, so jealous.

Bri said...

C'mon I don't know any baby that hugs like that!!! I'm so jealous. It's adorable!!!!!

Beth said...

So Jealous! I wanna come play! Although it would be a bit of a journey for us, considering we are in Alberta.

kittenpie said...

most cute. Can't wait to meet you Friday! And as long as there aren't teeth involved? Face hugging is SO on. Gee, I might try it myself some time. Maybe Friday... Hey, where are you going?

lildb said...

those pictures are fricking hilarious. and your accompanying captions rule the school, man. :p IOW, I was cracking up while reading 'em. it must have been waaaay better in person.

Geek Daddy said...

Personally, I'm loving the fact that Bumper is wearing a Led Zeppelin shirt! I just found your blog and now must come back and read again if only because your baby apparently knows how to rock! :)

Mrs. Chicky said...

Ooh, the alien face hugger thing. Love it. I have no other words because the meeting of the cuties is making my brain turn to mush.

motherhooduncensored said...

Oh for goodness sakes - those are soooo freaking cute.

Love it!


THAT is sooooooocute! What a pair they make!

something blue said...

The two girls are adorable. Yes, I am blinded by the cuteness.