Sunday, March 25

oh la la dora

Wow, everyone has a story or good and solid advice regarding what I now like to call Milkgate*.

Some people don't like to hear advice and on occasion, I can be one of them BUT listening to advice is relative for me.

* no particular reason, I just like how those media news folk like to append "gate" to everything and make it work.

If I'm in, for example, swim class with my daughter and another mom comes up to me and tells me that if their child had a bruise like the fresh one Bumper is sporting on her forehead, she would have a doctor look at it because concussions aren't like they used to be and my baby could just die in her sleep if I don't have something done, NOW. Well in that example, I would call her statement assvice.

But if I write a post (which I did and often do) about my parenting frustration, I welcome all the opinions and learned experiences from fellow bloggers. These comments that kind folks have taken the time and effort to leave, I call advice.

Now back to that swim class example. That happened to me a couple of months back. I've paraphrased the whole story to spare you all the long boring details but suffice to say: I wanted to simultaneously bitch-slap that woman and burst into tears of shame. I ended up leaving the class early because I felt like one bad mom. Sigh. I'm so hypersensitive some times. I'm not a bad mom. A sometimes lazy mom? Yes. But not a bad mom.

All this blabbering is my way of saying: thank you for all your advice and I'm going to try some of the suggestions out. All I wanted was support and support is what I got.

Moving right along...

In a recent post by the wonderful Mama Tulip, she invited readers to request interview questions from her and then post their answers on their blog. I bit and she sent me some amazing questions that I'm chompin' to answer.

I started to compose my answers last night and some of them inspired me to write essays that seemed like complete posts. So needless to say I'm still editing like crazy and not ready to publish. I might just have to break this one up unless I become more strict on what constitutes a good answer. I promise to have them out this week once I get over my work load (more on that in another post).

So instead I give you this:

If you have ever had to endure watch Dora the Explorer, you will probably enjoy this:

I especially like the last challenging question for the children in the viewing audience.


Kyla said...

That video was HILARIOUS!!! :)

kgirl said...

that video was awesome.
stupid dora. stupid swim moms.

something blue said...

"Pump harder. What's wrong with you?"

I love it!

Can't wait to read your interview.

julia said...

Heh. Hysterical. God, I hate Dora.

Bon said...

wow. that was actually my first goes virginity. i have an eleven month old boy, so i have this faint hope that perhaps that experience can be my last Dora for a long while...though i'll admit, i giggled. loudly.

mamatulip said...

I would have left that swim class too, and probably would not have returned. It's always surprised me how some people can speak so brashly like that to a parent. It shouldn't, because in this day and age everyone's got something to say, some assvice to give, but it does...maybe because I'd never dream of saying something like that to another parent. You know?

I can't wait to read your answers!

Mrs. Chicky said...

I would have pushed the woman into the pool.

Lisa b said...

You shoulda slapped that woman and Dora.

Chag said...

I actually watched SNL this week because of Peyton and we must've rewound that Dora video four or five times.

soleclaw said...

Saw this on SNL and laughed my ass off...which is rare when watching SNL lately.

Thanks for making me laugh again!!