Wednesday, March 28

Interview isn't just for the in-crowd

Reason #1045 why I hate Blogger: Because it eats my posts.

Yes yes, I know I should "Save As Draft" every six seconds but frig, that's what organized and thinking people do (she says while muttering and swearing under breath like a disorganized, non-thinking being).

I had this awesomely super long-winded post of answers to Mama Tulip's amazing interview questions and Blogger just up and ate it. I hope it tasted great you big bad blogging platform machine in the ether of the internet universe. I hope it tasted fan-freakin'-tastic.

What I want to know is where did it go???? Screw you blogger, I'm going home.

Now that I'm done throwing a hissy fit and cursing the day that I decided not to use Word to write my posts, I will attempt to recreate a better and heavily edited response to my interview questions.

I've been fussing over what to wear to my interview because we all now how important it is too look sane when talking to media (see picture left).

Should I go hip and cool and wear all black? Should I wear my funky new sneakers? Should I steal SB's glasses and try to look intelligent? Or should I just admit that I answered these questions while wearing my pjs. Yes, I'm still wearing my pjs. Big sigh.

I should just let the interview start and try not to fiddle too much with my mic or babble (too much) at to my gracious host, Mama Tulip. We are sitting down in my imaginary back garden, under the gazebo where the light makes me look less tired and the fresh air might help stimulate my brain into coming up with semi-intelligent answers.

Oh who am I kidding... the battles between my brain and tongue are constantly raging and the tongue is usually on the losing end so let's just getting gabbing.

Mama Tulip: What's the best live show you've ever been to?

Motherbumper: Oh Mama T, you know how indecisive I am... this is a hard one because I LOVE LIVE MUSIC. Whoops, sorry for the shouting but it's a horrid habit I developed from being up close at too many live shows and now I have this ringing in my ears because I ALWAYS CRANK THE MUSIC TOO LOUD. See, there I go again. I'm sure I'm not the only 30-something out there that has this problem but I figure it helps us block out that annoying whining that some of our children seem to perfect in their toddler years... oh yes, sorry, I'm getting off topic.

Best live show is a draw because I cannot make up my mind.

First, Radiohead's Kid A tour was amazing. I had heard an "advance" (ahem) copy of the album and it quickly stayed in permanent rotation on my discman.

Radiohead is amazing live because they are one of the few stadium-filling bands that sound the same live as on vinyl (just like The White Stripes and The Strokes). No theatrics or fancy stuff on stage happens, it's just a beautiful experience watching them create their music. It was absolute perfection. I just wish I had had better seats. Damn you Ticket-slave-master.

Second best live show was the Brotherly Love tour with Oasis, Spacehog and The Black Crowes (I missed Spacehog because of work - damn you work!). Oasis rocked of course, those arrogant but talented bastards. I wasn't a huge fan of The Black Crowes before this show but experiencing them live turned me into one fan filled with respect for their talent. THEY ROCKED LIVE.

It was piss pouring rain when I saw them at the Molson Amphitheater and it didn't matter that I nearly drowned, I had a rockin' good time even though I arrived late and couldn't find my friends. (Okay, I wasn't that wet, I had front row seats but I did get soaked waiting in the beer line).

It was one of those shows that I wish, at the time, that I had a boyfriend who would hoist me up on his shoulders so I could be one of those girls. But I'm not one of those girls, I'm the chick who watches the band like I'm in a trance and lets lose in my head, not with my body. Anyhow, it turns out my future husband was also in the audience but he was actually drowning in the back uncovered part of the amphitheater (sucker).

You know what Mama Tulip? That was a hard one to answer because I treated it like "best live show since moving to Toronto" and I have about a dozen other ones from my life pre-Toronto. I think I might have to use that question as a future blog post topic.

Moving right along....
Mama Tulip: If you could meet one famous person, dead or alive, who would you want to meet, and why?

Motherbumper: Oh thank goodness, an easy question.

Hands down it would be Edie Sedgewick. I became completely entranced by The Factory and all things Pop Art in high school. Andy Warhol fascinated me and Edie spoke to me when I discovered the whole Youthquake movement.

I wore black tights, striped shirts, huge earrings, and tried to be as free a spirit as much as an uptight and neurotic Catholic school girl could be. I ate up anything related to the New York scene: the music, the books, the people, and the art work.

My best friend in high school was the reason I got hooked on this movement and I'm proud to say that she successfully translated her shared fascination into a career. She now runs an art gallery dedicated to Pop Surrealism and is a published author on the subject. I'm so damn proud of her (and if you are reading this, I'm sorry I haven't written lately - must write email now, must write email now).

So why would I want to meet Edie? Well for the good drugs of course! Oh relax folks, I'm kidding.

Edie had an infectious spirit according to many who met her, she was a talented artist in her own right, she knew how to throw a party, knew how to dress, and her aura was like an orbit that sucked everyone in.

If I was only allowed to party for one night EVER in my life, one night of partying with Edie would be enough for me.

Now in case anyone has heard of the recently released movie, Factory Girl with Guy Pearce (as Warhol) and Sienna Miller (as Edie) I've heard that it was a poorly made film. I was shocked when I heard Sienna Miller had been cast because in my opinion she has always been just a "warm body" in any film I've seen her in (Layer Cake - hello?). Apparently Katie Holmes was the original choice (still a poor one in my humble opinion) but rumor has it that Tommy pulled her out because playing a drug addict would have a negative impact on her acting career (what-ev-er).

My art gallery friend and I have traded some funny emails regarding our disgust over the casting but I don't think we need to worry, the movie is apparently a flop and Edie's story won't be ruined by some crappy film.

And in case you were wondering if she is related to Kyra Sedgwick, Edie was her aunt, once again proving that everyone really is six degrees from Kevin Bacon.

Wow, I certainly got off on a tangent. You know what Mama Tulip? I'm talking WAY too much so I'm going to save the next couple of questions for my next post. M'kay? Damn this is fun.

Stay tuned for Part Deux in my next post.


Her Bad Mother said...

You ARE chatty, aren'tcha, girl? Very cool answers. Wouldn't have thought of Edie, but you're right - that would be some goooood partying.

Gabriella said...

Loved this post! You put a great spin on this meme, rather than just answering each question, (kind of what I will be doing.)

mamatulip said...

I knew you wouldn't disappoint. Two questions in and I'm jonesing for more.

First of all, girl, write your posts in Word first! That's like, my blogging mantra. (((you))) I hate Blogger. Gah.

I had a chance to go see Radiohead during their Kid A tour and I turned it down. Did I mention that I could have seen them FOR FREE? It's something I still regret to this day.

OMFG, dude, I LOVE THE BLACK CROWES. I was just saying to Dave the other day that I'd love to have had seen them live.

Wow, Edie Sedgewick? I have to be honest and say that I have never heard of her. Until now. I've seen images of her and her face is very familiar, but I wouldn't have been able to tell you her name, or anything about her. I loved reading about what you thought/felt about her and what she was associated with. So interesting, MB.

Gimmie more!!

Lisa b said...

I love the Molson Amphitheatre and have always felt dorkish about that. Now I feel better.
You've gotta have one from the Brixton Academy no?

Everyone really is six degrees from Kevin Bacon.

Chag said...

I got to meet the Black Crowes twice. Once was before they were big (their first video was just getting play on MTV). They were the opening act, played their set, and went out in the bar and had a drink. Everyone had come to see the headliners and had no idea who they were. I sat and drank with them for awhile. The second time was when a friend scored backstage passes to a Crowes/Aerosmith concert.

niloc said...

i have got to stop this need to comment every time there is a post about music but... i. can't. resist. when. it. comes. to. Radiohead. i can't remember what tour they were on when i saw them. i think it was at maple leaf gardens. they have a mesmerizing performance. you are right, they do play beautifully.

i had that Kid A sticker on the dash of my Jeep when it caught fire. evil i tell ya. evil.

something blue said...

This is going to be the longest comment EVA! (Sorry)
First it's weird that I'm following that last commenter. Who IS he? lol...

Blogger always eats the most delicious posts. Damn this one is yummy so I can only imagine your first draft.

The set up to your interview was just like a big shmancy glossy paged magazine interview. I see you glide in wearing rock star sunglasses and warm smile. (I forgot to mention how much I loved the shirt you were wearing during our meeting. I was going to ask if I could take a picture of your breasts - Yo, T-shirt pervs - but I knew it still sounded loco!)

I adore Radiohead. I remember how when they released their first album I was iffy on them, wondering if they had the long term staying power. Boy was I wrong.

Because I'm a Band-Aid, I met the Black Crowes backstage. I'll have to post a photo of that some day for laughs.

Edie is a cool choice! I would rent Factory Girl even though I heard the horrid reviews.

A songwriter/producer friend and I were playing the Six Degrees from Kevin Bacon game earlier this week. He managed to link me by six degrees to Kevin. I kept coming up with a variety of ways that I was linked to Ben Affleck by four degrees. Fun times.

Can't wait for Part Deux!

kgirl said...

spacehog! oh my, it's been a while. I saw the black crows for free at earl bales park like 15 years ago (gah!) it was awesome. they really are good live.

i had no idea that edie and kyra were related.
looking forward to part 2, which you will no doubt draft in word first.

Kyla said...

You are so incredibly entertaining, MB!

Tania said...

Looking forward to part 2. I'll set aside an afternoon to read it - holy cow long post!
I, too, was a huge Warhol fan in high school - and still. Every month I'd catch the bus downtown to the 'good' book and magazine store and buy Interview. I'd carry it around the halls of my lameass suburban high school feelin' all edgy 'n shit.

Kate said...

First, one word for you: WORDPRESS. Come on over to the dark side :)

Second, I'm with you on Edie!

Izzy said...

You're definitely a kindred spirit!

I discovered ES in high school, too. I read "Edie: an American Biography" about 15 times. I also loved "On the Road" and "The Electric Koolaid Acid Test" etc. I was clearly born too late.

Izzy said...

I almost forgot... I saw The Black Crowes at the Great Atlanta Pot Festival in '91-ish and they so rocked. They were so much better than I expected. The next day we were leaving a NORML rally downtown and we saw the Crowes walking there. Chris Robinson is one tall, skinny mofo.

kittenpie said...

I love these really in-depth answers! What a great deep look into these things. Man, my interview is looking wussy now...