Sunday, March 4

gonzo weekend

I feel better. Wonderful friends came out to listen and support and it made me feel so much better. I wish I could implement some of the hilarious and diabolic suggestions that some friends offered but alas, I'm too demure (HA! - more like too much of a wuss).


I think I eat too much chocolate.

OMG - is that the first step? Admitting I have a problem?

Naaaah. No Way.

Is there such a thing as too much chocolate? Just because I prefer to eat Cadbury Easter Cream Eggs over real eggs, that doesn't make me a chocoholic, right?

So what if I can't go to the food shop without loading up on Reese peanut butter cups, Jos Louis (moon pies to my American readers), or anything bearing the Cadbury seal of goodness.

BTW - I sometimes see posts by bloggers who participate in candy exchanges. Does anyone know how to hook me up in that circle because I need to join. Seriously - if anyone in the US or Canada wants to do an exchange of confectionery, I'm totally up for it. EMAIL ME NOW at motherbumper at gmail dot com. No seriously, you won't be disappointed. I'll hook you up with some primo shit man.

Chocolate makes these winter weeks much more tolerable.

SHHHHHHHHHH - I don't want to hear how I should be eating veggies and healthy stuff to bring me out of my funk. I want carbs, I want sweets, I need chocolate.....

Hi, my name is Motherbumper and I'm a chocoholic.

Share you legal addictions with me folks, I'm all ears.


metro mama said...

Good thing Easter is coming!

kgirl said...

cadbury cream eggs have got to be the most disgusting, weird candy in the candystore.
and so so so yummy.

glad you're feeling better :)

Gabriella said...

I'm all in for a candy club.

mamatulip said...

Young lady, it is ILLEGAL to send chocolate in the mail.

*snort* That doesn't mean I've never done it before. I sent Twix bars to a (former) friend of mine in Texas, and they got there no problem. I guess they don't have Twix bars down there, because she was freaking out over them. I tried to send her another batch and she said that the package arrived SANS CHOCOLATE, with a note from Customs reprimanding her about accepting packages with chocolate in them, or something like that.

The Customs fuckers ate the chocolate!

And once, when I was sending off a package full of chocolate bars to another American friend, the old bat at the postal outlet *sniffed* my package and croaked, "Is there CHOCOLATE in here?" I was like, holy fuck, the JIG IS UP!

MotherBumper said...

OMG! IT'S ILLEGAL!?!?! Well that's just too tempting to ignore. I must find an American willing to accept an illegal package of cocoa ladened goodness. I will start an underground movement! Who's on board?

Kyla said...

I've had a Canadian friend send me in the US our Smarties are more like sweet tarts, and who wants that???

If you send me Smarties?? I'm in!

something blue said...

If you want chocolate, I can hook you up girl. Oh yah, I'm your pusher. Infact I'll be bringing healthy doses of it for everyone who ventures out on Friday night! I Swear!

kittenpie said...

I'm with you. I do love fruits and veg, but I CRAVE the sweet goodness. I stock up on creme eggs at easter so I can eat them once in a while all year long. Don't look in my freezer. No, really, there's nothing in there...

Wait, I just saw Tulip's post - why would it be illegal??? and it reminded me - I once had a friend who was far away in Quebec and very homesick and couldn't get Haagen-Dazs or a few other fave items, so I sent her a care package of crosswords and pens and crystal light and yes, a tub of Haagen Dazs. I knew it would melt, of course, it was just for the smile, so I wrapped it in a double layer of ziplock. Totally made her feel better, even if she couldn't really eat it.

ewe are here said...

Love that chocolate bunny...but not enough to spare him from being eaten. heh heh

I've never heard that mailing chocolate was illegal... not buying it. What about all those care packages to campers, etc?

Lisa b said...

how are you so facking skinny eating JOS LOUIS!!
I don't even hate you for some reason.... must be awestruck. You are like the supermodel of chocolate eating.
Hook me up with that Chocolate exchange.

julia said...

Dood. I will SO hook you up with some kick ass chocolate, screw customs.


I looooooooooove chocolate.

I have a Milky Way midnight in the freezer, screaming my name. Screaming. I think I'll go put it out of its misery.

Y'all have Bounty Bars up there. Do you know what I have to pay for a Bounty Bar here? A buck fifty. It's a disgrace.

Nadine said...

I could eat Skor till my mouth is cut up and bleeding from the hard toffee.

My secret vice -- don't all you start running out and buying out the stores of it now! -- is Lu Petit Ecolier cookies. Keep your eye out for them. They are shortbread covered in milk or dark chocolate. I am eating 10 right now.