Friday, March 2

Friday: crap on a stick served cold

It's Friday and I'm still tired and frustrated but posting about it did make me feel a bit of release. Mind you, the news has helped pour on my pity parade but more on that further down the post.

It's been a boring and quiet week and my mood is a smudge better since I have such wonderful friends (bloggy and IRL). My friends didn't scream "stop bobbing for pity apples" or "get your head out of your ass" or the always eloquent "get a life" or classic "there are people worse off in the world". Apparently all the folks who would have said those things couldn't be bothered to leave a comment or flame me an email. Thanks for sparing me the carnage folks.

But back to the wonderful people who sent me strength to keep posting my nonsense. My hat and keyboard strokes tipped to you. I love you all.

Wait, was that too creepy? Maybe so but I'm kinda mushy these days.

Moving right along...

My kid has been amazingly cute this week (yours too? - well that's just sweet).

Bumper does amazingly well considering I spend most of my day lying on her foam floor tiles, staring at the ceiling, surrounded by her toys, puzzles, books and assorted snacks. I occasionally find the energy to say "stop putting corn puffs up my nose, pleeeeeeeze" and she does(n't). She steps around and over me and every so often demands food. It's working well for us.

Speaking of "pleeeeeeeeeze", all manners she had picked up, the tank u and 'elcome, have been lost, hopefully to be found by the time she goes to nursery school.

All of the sudden everything is demanded by grunts, points, clicks and whistles (okay, maybe not the last two) and a face that just screams "NOW".

I find it all fascinating. It's not like we, the parents, stopped being well-mannered. It's like she decided manners are for chumps. Sigh. Two steps forward, one step back. Or is that one step forward, two steps back? Whatever. We're stepping and hopefully not regressing.


I read this article today that made me angry, anxious, and sad all at the same time. It is so infuriating that this is happening right under our noses, in our neighbour's yard, and we seem unable to do anything about it. It scares me to think what direction we are heading in and where this will take us. Bottom line, a little Canadian boy is sitting in a Texas detention centre and Canada doesn't seem to be doing anything about it.

And to think, this is one of the US detention camps that we know about... I wonder how many other kids are kept in the ones we don't know about.

The last paragraph really socked me in the gut:
"Families get 15 minutes to eat and then the food is thrown out," Hines said. "Have you tried to feed a child and then yourself in 15 minutes?"

It makes me sick to think about it.


Did I depress or piss off anyone? I hope so because apathy is scary. We need to keep our pulse people. Even if you think that I'm a nutbag for believing there are many secret detention centres run by the democratic nations and those places have innocent children in the cells, at least you are thinking one way or the other.


Dammit... I can't leave on a depressing note. This is what keeps me going on days like this:

Suck it up lady, we've got some playing to do!


Kyla said...

I read that article the other day at Julie's. It blows my mind. I had NO idea places like that exist! I cannot believe it. Seriously, seriously awful.

Bumper is a beauty!

metro mama said...

This weather is unbearable. I'm just thankful I didn't have to drive in it.

Heather said...

I read the article a while back (I think this is round two of the attention this case is getting) and am still in shock. It wasn't a s though they had planned to stop in the US - someone on the fight they were on had a heart attack and they had to land as an emergency. Very frightening. Bumper's expression is pure joy.

kgirl said...

i understand what you're going through. but you're a good sport, what with the corn puffs and all...

dang cute bumper you got there.

Jezer said...

Fuck. My mom's family lives 30 minutes away from Hutto and I didn't even know that a detention center existed there. I'm so sick of being a part of a society that wants to control everyone, that thinks its ways are the only ways, that thinks it is OK to hold a family in prison for being of a particular nationality. Fuckers.

On a somewhat positive note--if the folks at UT are involved, there is hope. That place is a liberal oasis in a desert full of ultra-conservative whackjobs.

And Al has a crush on Bumper. She's so pretty!

mamatulip said...

It's official, I'm in love with Bumper. You've got a right to be pissy, my pissy all you want, LOL, but with that cute smile being flashed around I'll bet you're crackin' your own once n' a while. :)

Anonymous said...

Bumper stop shoving cereal up your mother's nose.
Bleak winter is a tough time for us grown ups.
This is not helping.
Lisa b

crazymumma said...

apathy, I hate it.

This weather tho makes me want to curl into a tight ball and suck my thumb and cover my ears.

But the thought of you with cereal up your nose made me laugh.....