Wednesday, March 7

miscellaneous stuff

So I'm totally up for creating a candy club north but I'm still trying to figure out how to organize this thing so that I don't end up supplying candy to most of the free world all by myself. When I figure out the details, I'll put up a post but for now, I will be sending out some virtual Smarties to Kyla:

and some Godiva's to LisaB:

Today was the last day of gymnastics until April.

It was a sad day for me because this means for the next four weeks my wonderful Wednesday haven of a solid, deep-sleep nap is no longer guaranteed.

It was sad day for Bumper because she loved the class and when the instructor would tell the toddlers to line up for their stickers, they actually did. And Bumper would always, ALWAYS, get her sticker and then run to the back of the line to get another. And this always meant that she would get an extra hug (and sticker) from the instructor. How freakin' mind blowing cute is that?

Yesterday was registration day for the next round of Recreation programs and to my disappointment all the classes filled up in record time. Instead of having four days of planned activities, we have only one. This makes me sad because Bumper is happy being busy, I'm sane being busy and we all sleep better.

Why can't Toronto Rec meet the demands of the public? I spoke with three parents this morning alone who were waited listed like me for the same activities. And some of the activities already had full wait lists so they didn't even make those lists. If the department has full wait lists I wonder if Toronto Rec look into holding another class. I know that there is more to having a class than just students but I wonder if they even consider it. I must find someone to contact and ask.

I leave you with this: Nothing should come between a girl and her hoola hoop.

Bumper exactly one year ago today posing for her five month photo:

Bumper today not* posing for her 17 month photo:
* does anyone know how to get a toddler to pose for a photo? Please, please I need to know because I have far too many photos of the back of her head and her little hands grabbing for the lens. It's driving me nuts!


metro mama said...

I just take hundreds of photos and delete all the ones (99%) that are bad.

Her Bad Mother said...


b) No.

Kyla said...

I may or may not have licked my computer screen when I saw the smarties. *lol*

To get KayTar to pose, or at the very least look in my direction, I hide the camera and shout some sort of silliness that she enjoys...repeat 3-5 times, then surprise attack with the camera on the last round. This either results in one last shot and the game being over...or she continues to laugh sportingly and I get a few more decent shots.

Lisa b said...


no tips on photos other than use digital, take lots. I still have barely any good ones. That said at 2.5 she will now pose for photos. Don't know where it came from, if its normal etc.

Lisa b said...

Ok I am obsessed with the chocolate club. I looked up on Canada Post to see if it is in fact illegal to mail chocolate.
this section
covers live animals, parasites and leeches, honey bees, biological specimens and cremated remains.
No mention of chocolate but it does seem pretty tame in comparison. If mailing it is prohibited we must rise up against the tyranny.

Naomi (Urban Mummy) said...

I don't have that son LOVES to pose for the camera. Then he runs towards me and wants to see the photo.

He also has this crazy smile (do you remember that Friends episode, where Chandler couldn't smile?) where he shows teeth and squints his eyes. It's REALLY funny.

And digital helps.

soleclaw said...

Take tons of pics, and make use of the ones that aren't so perfect as well. I find the action shots and candids are just as rewarding. Blurred photos are also kinda cool, IMO.

...I smell candy...

lildb said...

having the same dilemma with my kid. lately, not so much with the camera around these parts, thanks to the annoyance factor.


kittenpie said...

Our trick for taking a picture is tell her if she sits nicely, then she can look at the baby in the camera after we take the picture. Seems to work.

The swim classes near us filled up superfast, too. We have a way later time than normal, but at least we got something.

Sandra said...

Did you say candy club?!?! I am all over that :)

something blue said...

Being that my husband turned into Willy Wonka you can count me in.

I'm now using candy as props. I gave our girls a treat to try to get a photo of them together. It is an extra hard challenge to get two little ones to focus on a camera for more than ten seconds.

Alley Cat said...

I'm not up on what excactly "Candy Club North" is, but I live north, and I do love candy. Are there more requirments for membership?