Wednesday, January 24

Blogging live from my bed...

I am currently blogging from my bed.

No I'm not sick.

Nay, I am rejoicing.

Bumper is sleeping and it's not on my lap or next to me. Yes folks, I am a whipped mother who still (at age 15mths and 3/4) can only attain that sweet daily nap (regretfully only one) by napping with baby.

Yup. I'm whipped.

If she isn't on my lap, she is next to me in bed and hell hath no fury like a baby who wakes to not find Mom right where she left me. And she checks. Often. I've tried leaving her side before folks and it's not pretty.

But there is a new routine in town and here's hoping I'm not cursing it by posting about it. We are taking classes every morning and they are timed just so. Just so that they coincide with nap time and on the walk home from whatever activity, Bumper drifts off, all tucked into her fleecy, comfy, making-me-yawn-just-by-writing-about-it stroller.

So back to why I'm in bed. It's the only spot in the apartment that is far enough away from where she is currently sleeping that poses no danger in waking her up. Because I will drop kick the first person / cat / inanimate object that dares to make a sound that might/will wake her up.

Hell hath no fury like a Momma scorned.

Now to go and catch up on commenting because I miss ya'll (why do I talk like Britney Spears in my head? Too much US Weekly me thinks... must break out Harpers and Adbusters before I lose command of the English language and world events... anyone else out there suffer from this Britney affliction, or something similar? Because sometimes I talk like I'm JLo, just 'cos I can.)

Mom... why do you keep saying
"you are getting sleepy, very very sleepy"?


something blue said...

It's all in the timing! You gotta do what you gotta do.

I love me some celebrity trash gossip even if I do find that I'm losing brain cells faster than Jessica Simpson.

Mrs. Chicky said...

You do what you have to do to make sure the child has a nap. And if that means you have to lie in bed... oh darn! How horrible! (said with tongue inserted firmly in cheek)

Bloor West Mama said...

I totally agree with you, my baby's nap time is sacred and will drop kick anyone if they so much as breath too close to her door.I am a total bitch if she is woken up before it is time.

So jealous about blogging from your bed.

Mimi said...

What do you do when you're breastfeeding, if there's no celebrity gossip rag? (not you ... me, i guess). I used to read Harper's when Miss Baby nursed for 45 minutes at a shot. But now that she eats for 10, I'm all about 'who wore it better' and 'who's not wearing panties.'

Someday I'll read magazines with words again. Today is not that day ...

Naomi (Urban Mummy) said...

Nothing disrupts the nap. The nap is the most sacred thing there is. The nap keeps the child happy and healthy. Usually.

And blogging in bed? Oh so decadent!