Tuesday, January 23

When all is quiet... check the troops

I'm so happy you all love the new digs. Thank you and thanks Izzy!

The other day I was sitting on the couch, chatting with husband and enjoying being back in my own space. Ten days is a long time to travel without the other half and while I love staying with my parents, I love being back in my home.

So I was soaking up the wonderful quiet time, surrounded by toys, stuffed animals, board books and mini-sized furniture.

Wait, this didn't seem right; it's never quiet when Bumper is awake.

Unless she is doing something b.a.d.

Remember the golden rule: If the house is quiet and the kid is awake, something is being perpetrated.

I walked slowly down the hallway, checking the rooms, reaching the bathroom last. This is what I found:

Remember this: Unpack the make-up bag instead of leaving it on the counter (like one could back in the single days). Moisturiser is a SOB to clean up and greasy babies are hard to catch.


Bloor West Mama said...

Too funny, I guess that bath time was early that day.

something blue said...

OMG. That is too funny. Sorry I'm not laughing. Okay I'm trying not to.

Look like she's been taking notes from her daddy. Hopefully it's not expensive moisturiser.

Jezer said...

Can't blame the girl for starting good habits early!

Too cute!

crazymumma said...

Her skin is going to look great!
Your redesign looks so hip you mod ska beat gal you!

norman.leung said...

hey love the new look and yeah quiet always=trouble

kittenpie said...

Oh, THAT'S how she keeps her skin looking so young... Wow, that's some mess.

mamatulip said...

"Greasy babies are hard to catch."

LMAO!!! I am laughing uncontrollably right now. GREAT picture!!



soleclaw said...

Love the makeover! I'm feeling much better, thank you for asking. I've been absent from blogging obviously, as it seems so many other people have been.

We have those moments all the time, the silent ones when the light bulb turns on above both parents' heads as they realize there is indeed trouble afoot. At least Bumper isn't crying in the picture. Any time we remove the item of choice from E it's absolute pandemonium.