Monday, December 11

Rinse, blather and repeat

Just post something would ya?

Wait... did I type that out loud? Whoops... I've been having a bit of writers block lately combined with newly sick child who didn't appear sick until today because her mom is unable to read the signs properly. And everything that I have tried to write over the past few days has been too tedious and difficult to wrap up. Because if anyone can babble on too much, it's me.

And to add to the lack of posting, we also bought the latest season of this and whenever we start watching a season of that we end up watching and savouring an episode a night until we sadly run out. That has definitely been cutting into posting time.

But alas I crave posting and commenting so here I am just glad to be getting out there and talking.

Anyhow, as I said, Bumper is feeling under the weather again. Hello Winter.

She has been restless and a poor sleeper for a couple of days yet she has been eating well. Today she felt warm so I recorded her temperature a few hundred times before going to playgroup and all appeared normal. I decided she didn't seem sick, just tired from not sleeping so great last night and that we would head on over to get some needed social time. I always tell myself it's only one block away so I can leave if something happens.

She looked fine when we headed out the door but I felt bad for the little lady when we first arrived in the church hall. She seemed all tuckered out and indecisive which never makes a good combination. Yet as soon as she got her hands on the coveted Hello Kitty push-around thingy (I have no idea what the toy industry name is but it's like a shopping cart for wee ones) Bumper perked right up and proceeded to walk the entire circumference of the room. ding. ding ding ding. ding. ding ding ding. How I didn't go insane from the noise is beyond me. (btw - her cart look nothing like the photo but I had to show you this HK product I found while searching for a picture of the pushcart. How's that for a car?)

After her first lap she headed out the door to the stairwell so I had to head her off before Hello Kitty became Goodbye Kitty. She didn't mind me heading her off and parked pushcart-Kitty then proceeded to climb up the stairs. I got a kick out of the fact that when she arrived on the third step she turned to me and grunted while pointing at pushcart-Kitty as if to say “Sherpa! Bring me Kitty. NOW”. I gave her a look that said that she was lucky she was allowed to climb the stairs.

After a while she just started doing a routine of climb up, climb down, take Kitty for a short in-out of playroom, rinse, lather and repeat. At that point I rested and just waited near the stairs so she couldn’t try to go down instead of the semi-safe up route.

I found myself playing the catcher in the rye with the odd tot that wandered out of the room. What a pain because they seemed to be staggered just so but I reminded myself that I have always appreciated someone catching Bumper the times I've been distracted. And let me tell you that it is so freakin’ easy to do in this place. Sometimes I haven’t spoken to anyone except husband in a couple of days and I just drink up the opportunities I get.

Anyhow, Bumper worked up a sweat doing her routine and by the time we got home I thought she felt a bit warm. I took her temp and it was up but still not considered a fever. She hit the hay early for the second night in a row and I fully expect another night of up and down for me. Sigh.

Good thing she cute.

Speaking of, I can hear her now and I can tell it's one of those cries that is going to escalate so I'm signing off now.

I've just got to say a few things* before I run:

Check out this great auction, the items are fantastic and so is the cause. Please read all about and check out the info about writing a letter to Tanner. That will be a great thing to do to get in the holiday spirit.

And don't forget a new post goes up at Mommy Blogs Toronto every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, there are some fantastic festive themed reads up by some great bloggers.

* I actually wrote these two up before I started this post - how's that for organized in my PSAs.


Jezer said...

Here's hoping that you all get a good night's sleep tonight, and that Bumper is feeling better soon!

BTW, Al has those spongey foam letters, too. He hasn't yet discovered the space between the toilet lid and seat, but he has managed to stuff a few of them into a speaker box. We're in for it, aren't we?

creative-type dad said...

My daughter starting something yesterday....or last night.

There's nothing like having a sick kid to keep everybody up at night.

ewe are here said...

Winter = constant runny nose over her. And I mean constant. Sigh.

My husband refers to himself as our Sherpa, too, whenever we go anywhere, even just out to the store. ;-)

mamatulip said...

I'm sorry Bumper's not feeling so great. I really sympathize -- I took Julia to the doctor's yesterday and it turns out she's got Bronchitis and a throat infection. Didn't I feel like an ass for not getting her seen sooner.

I was laughing my ass off when you used the Sherpa reference. That's HYSTERICAL, LOL.

something blue said...

That is quite the Hello Kitty car. Good thing our demanding daughters don't get their license for a few years or they'd be asking for that car for Christmas.

Hope Bumper is feeling better!

her bad mother said...

Pushable toys are worth their weight in gold to me these days, because they distract WB's pushing and pulling efforts away from me.

And I don't need to go into the platinum value of baby gates at the bottom of staircases, do I?

(HBM - Blogger Beta is sucking ass and refusing to let me sign in to comment as HBM)