Wednesday, December 13

Shopoholic? Why yes I am!

Her Bad Auction

Her Bad Auction is the sort of thing I love: gambling combined with shopping and money going to a worthy cause (raffling counts as gambling, doesn't it?).

I tell you that's the perfect combination, all it lacks is a reason to get dressed up in fancy clothes. Mind you, I do blog wearing a tiara so I guess I was already half-way there.

The draws are this weekend and if I win something from here, here or here (just to name a few of the glorious places who have donated goods, such amazing "I want that now" kind of goods), well if I win something, I'll be one happy motherbumper.

The fund raising is for a great reason: Tanner who is an amazing boy (and nephew of Her Bad Mother) has Muscular Dystrophy. You can read more about this fund raiser here and a really cool letter writing idea here.

So if you have a few bucks go check out the items - tickets are either $1 or $5 and it's a fantastic cause.

Her Bad Auction


Lisa said...

You too with the tiara and the gambling compulsion?
The banker was all "why don't you just donate the money to MD (so I get the tax receipt) and buy the items you want so you know you will get them"
All the man thinks about is his frickin tax receipts.So I explained to him the competitive nature of the raffle. The bragging rights to be gained by winning. The trash talking mommybloggers.... I think he is starting to get the picture.

ali said...

i can already tell this is going to be bad. i already put in a bid for a bunch of things...but i'm considering going back and bidding some more. it's seriously an addiction.

at least it's for a good cause!

something blue said...

Even though I need me some winning items, I'd be happy if a bazillion raffle tickets are sold.

sunshine scribe said...

Yay for HBA ... its going really, really well by the way!!!

Her Bad Mother said...

I'm all about tiaras. And gambling. And liquor.

You get the picture. Kind of an over-the-hill, baby-toting Paris Hilton, but cooler.