Thursday, November 23

Day twenty-three: because I saw everyone else doing it

This is me in South Park mode. Go do one of yourself because it's fun... and I said so.
Go do it and post it for the world to see what you'd look like if you were goin’ down to South Park and gonna have yourself a time. And come tell me if you did.

I remember South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut was released on my birthday and it was part of my weekend long celebration (we were crazy kids like that). Watching it in the theatre, I laughed really hard and was simultaneously offended which is just a wonderful combination of feeling sometimes... I love me a funny movie.

I'm so glad I saw Kittenpie, Something Baby Blue, Crazymumma and Her Bad Mother do this one because I know what they actually look like, which makes it super cool. Thank you ladies!


And yet another post where I talk about horror movie stuff so you can't say I didn't warn you.

We are suffering from cabin fever due to illness here at Casa Bump. I wish it was as exciting as this Cabin Fever (minus the gore, death and bloody stuff...). Mind you that movie was just about gore, death and bloody stuff but I still really enjoyed squirming while watching it. If you are looking for a real stomach turner reminiscent of old school "good looking young people die painfully" shock horror then this is your movie.

I get darn scared watching horror by Eli Roth like Cabin Fever. I saw that particularly sanguinary gem at the Toronto Film Festival. When the movie list is released each year, the first thing husband and I check out is the roster of grisly offerings playing at Midnight Madness. I'm a huge fan of jumping out of my seat. I've seen a lot of turkeys at the festival but well done horror like Roth's is worth the misery of watching some bad celluloid.

It tickles me that I was there when he first announced that Cabin Fever was picked up for wide release and I'm a super satisfied fan knowing that I got to see 2005's Hostel with his wish list soundtrack (no rights had been secured at the time). Even without all special effects and background noise, it grossed me out beyond normal boundries and it was a wonderful gore fest (and super creepy, since it could really happen).

Roth, who both wrote and directed Hostel spoke before and after the film. He explained that originally he was researching one of those "you hope it's an urban legend" type rumours before he came up with the story for Hostel. He was in Thailand (I think) looking into an underground torture network where patrons pay money to torture victims of their choice. Not willing victims. Rumour said that families would sell other members to this network. I guess I shouldn't tell my family that this is a way to make money or I'm screwed.

So long story short: he didn't find concrete evidence of the network so he wrote the story for Hostel which involves a youth hostel in an ambiguous Eastern European country where American back-packers are the hottest commodity.

I'm really glad I saw this movie AFTER travelling abroad.

Now that I've thought about it, Bumper is never allowed to go overseas without me.


soleclaw said...

I find it ironic that the blogosphere always seems to be picking up on my vibes. It's ironic to me that you wrote your post about horror films just after my husband and I finished watching Silent Hill. Have you seen it? I enjoyed it, but the whole reality theme kind of puzzled me.

Anyway, I haven't seen Cabin Fever, but my husband and I watched Hostel and were both equally freaked out by it. The film was so gripping, and kept us guessing the whole time.

Happy Thanksgiving!

crazymumma said...

I could not see either of these ARE a thick skinned gal fer sure!

Love the South park picture, although you were dressed up all classy lady the night I met you I have a pretty good imagination and this seems pretty close to how I see you in minds eye.

Bri said...

I am ashamed to say that I've done my South Park character many times but have no idea how to post it!!Help!

something blue said...

I just can't imagine how anyone could sell a family member! It's shocking to think of a loved one as a valuable commodity.

You are a very cute, green eyed South Park character!

kittenpie said...

I love how much that reminds me of the real you...

Ugh, bad enough that family members are KNOWN to sell each other as sex slaves in more than a few countries. how gruesome. I, myself, am not a fan of the horror genre at all. My imagination is too vivid, and I can't get the images out of my head and it means Misterpie has to accompany me on my midnight bathroom forays.

metro mama said...

I want to see Hostel.

Love your South Park character.