Wednesday, November 22

Day twenty-two: Know thy neighbour?

Have you been over to the Mommy Blogs Toronto blog recently?

Go read the latest post by Sunshine Scribe, I'll wait - just promise to come back.

Thanks for coming back or staying (but I encourage you to read her post - it's a wicked call to post and if you are doing NaBloPoMo and running out of stuff to do, do this and I guarantee you'll feel all warm and gooey like a fresh baked chocolate chip cookie. And that's just wonderful feeling).

Anyhow - on with the post.


So we live in an apartment building and we've been in this unit for a few years now. Recently we noticed an increase in noise coming from upstairs. Nothing that lasts too long but sometimes incredibly loud.

It's hard to describe but I'm going to do my best. It sometimes sounds like someone is bowling. Seriously, it sounds like a bowling ball hitting the floor and rolling but it's a slow roll. Very strange.

One night it happened multiple times and the repeatative drop... ro-o-o-o-o-o-oll... sound began to inspire our thoughts about what was happening up there.

This is what we came up with: It's a really disorganized serial killer and he is currently dismembering a very large person. And it's taking forever.

I think we have been watching far too many horror movies lately.

But seriously, I think it's someone who drinks and they pass out and drop their beer bottle. Anyone have any other theories?


scarbie doll said...

Ooh, we had something similar when Jan lived in London. There was a roll and then scampering and a call, "Malachy, Malachy" -- how's that for horror movie? Once we got a cat we realized that the sound was the cat chasing a ball. Phew!

metro mama said...

Maybe one of those office chairs on wheels? Boring answer, I know.

Her Bad Mother said...

In my experience, when you have hardwood floors, everything sounds like a ball being dropped and rolling. It could be anything.

But maybe it's a frozen head.

palinode said...

It's an office chair, but instead of metal casters, it rolls around on frozen heads.

You can get them at Office Depot.

Mother Bumper said...

Okay - now you are all screwin' with me... but I swear I'll be that one on the news who's all like "well I heard the noises but people just assured me it was an office chair - but it wasn't just an office chair - it was an office chair made from FROZEN HEADS!". And then I'll be all like "he was so quiet and always said hello in the hallways... I didn't peg him for a psycho killer at all...". That better not be my 15 minutes of fame because that would suck.

Bri said... the frozen head one. Hey at least they're not having sex. When I was 16 and living in an apt with my mom the couple upstairs started having sex LOUD, at the time I honestly thought he was killing her, now that's an embarrasing thing to hear with your mom in the room next door!

kittenpie said...

Roller derby?
Hockey on inline skates?
Soap box races?
Turkey bowling? (or, er, frozen head bowling?)Is there a crash at the end?

something blue said...

Oh My... I can't stop laughing. Frozen heads. Nothing tops that!

Time to make the switch from horrors to musicals.