Friday, November 24

Day twenty-four: home stretch

There's another great read up over at Mommy Blog Toronto. This one is by Crazymumma and let me tell you, I can completely relate because I have been eating some of that pie since Bumper came along. Go check it out.


Dear Bumper,

I wish you had told me before I got in the shower that you knew how to climb on top of the toilet tank, reach over to the sink and dump all our dental related tools behind the can.

I thought that your silence was due to content play in the warm and wonderfully steamy bathroom. Silly me.

I heavily resist adding this to some petty bill that some parents run in order to later (unsuccessfully) guilt-trip adolescent children*.

I do realize that I am just a figure-head in your puppet regime but could you at least try to let me appear to be running the show at some point in the day?

I love you forever,

P.S. Could you also warn me before you scale the couch and jump up onto the really high-up, really hard-landing if you fall, window ledge... PRETTY PLEASE.

so this is what the cats are looking at all day

* I need to clarify that my parents never did that kind of guilt tripping but I did have a close friend and her parents ran this type of tab. They often started up about it when we had plans to go out and she asked for money. We were 14 years old and it sucked. Nothing like giving your teenagers more reasons to rebel.


Her Bad Mother said...

Dear, dear MB. I regret to inform you that it might be a very, very bad idea for our children to continue to meet IRL. WonderBaby will teach Bumper how to scale to even greater heights, and Bumper will teach WB about the many things that can be done with toilets. Plumbing and Climbing. DANGER.

We'd be in more trouble than we already are.

mimi said...

Teehee. There's something about Bumper's posture at the window that positively shouts "MISCHIEF!!" So erect, so curious, surely nothing good can come of it ... good luck :-)

Jezer said...

I LOVE that photo! She looks so tiny, but so in-control.

Sorry I haven't been commenting much lately...I'm desperately trying to keep my head above the nablopomo waters.

But I AM about to go make my SouthPark character!

something blue said...

The golden rule: Silence always equals trouble!

I adore that photo. She is quite the little dare devil!

Mary-LUE said...

I wonder why Dr. Suess never wrote, "Oh, the things they'll get into!"

**Hijack Alert:**
Parent Tab Keeping Story

I had roommate who wanted to go back to school to get her teacher's credential. Her parents, of their own accord, offered to help support her while she did it. Great. Wonderful.

When she got a teaching job they presented her with an itemized list of every penny they had "loaned" her during that time. Poor thing. She was shocked to say the least.

**We now resume our regular comment programming.**

And the pic of Bumper on the ledge? Priceless!

Bri said...

That letter is so true, silence is never quiet play!
Thank God Samantha hasn't learned to climb like that yet, my heart is racing looking at that pic!!!!