Saturday, November 25

Day twenty-five: I love TV

Husband is out tonight so I'm going to curl up to ANTM (I haven't watched it yet so I hope that link is accurate. I copied and pasted it while staring at the ceiling) and I'm gonna eat in front of the TV. That is a luxury I haven't experienced in a while.

I like for us to eat together as a family. Most nights I consider it a major coup if we are all sitting at the table for over two minutes because of all the running around we do but at least we always eat with the TV off. Not that it's never on, we just always wait until after Bumper goes to sleep.

TV is going to be my last resort when it comes to Bumper. I've challenged myself to hold out and not show it to her. Honestly, I don't know how much longer I can hold out. I had to use TV this week while we were sick just so I could get some things done. Thankfully, it doesn't hold her interest for long but it sure does make her stay still for those few precious minutes. But I'm getting side-tracked here.

Hey - I just realized that I'll probably have time to catch up on Ugly Betty*. I must get this post done...

Husband asked what I was going to post about tonight before he went out. I had been thinking about that all day but only came up with this lame "what do you people think of this parenting scenario - nothing exciting or remotely dramatic" type of post. When I told him this, he suggested I write about what we did today to which I replied that I thought it was kind of embarrassing to admit. This made him laugh because he couldn't imagine why I think this is embarrassing considering some of my other posts. I'm not sure what he is talking about so on with the story.


Today we finally put Bumper in her own room. Her crib has been at the end of our bed since we bought it and we have been meaning to turn the office into her room for quite a while. Due to time-constraints, this project has taken many, many weekends to finish (translation: overbooked social lives combined with laziness makes for little time for home projects). Since it was a two person job, we really needed to coordinate and dedicate many hours to get this project done.

At first I planned it in phases but that hit a road block just around the stage where her actual bed would be moved.

We moved the office many weeks ago, we set up the change table a few weeks ago, leaving only two big-ish jobs to complete. (1) Take apart the rubik's cube of an IKEA crib and move it to the other room and (2) remove the six boxes of crap that hadn't been sorted out. Six small, but very full boxes, of junk, papers and computer stuff. Gah.

I'm embarrassed that it took us this long to complete but it did. In our defence, at one point we had eleven weekends straight where we had places to go. And we also couldn't do stuff at night because it would wake Bumper. Gah.

But regardless of all that, I am so freakin' glad we have finally finished. It is 99.99% done and I'm relaxing tonight.

And in case you are wondering: yes, there are now six small, but very full, boxes in the corner of our bedroom but that is okay.

As long as they don't sit there for 14 months.

see you later, sucker

* I will admit that I am a complete TV junkie and I'm shocked that I have yet to resort to showing her the magic of the box. Seriously I'm going to hold out as long as possible but only because I know she has inherited both our genes for TV addiction. I'm definitely not preaching anti-TV, folks.


Jezer said...

I am LOVING me some Ugly Betty. It is the one show I can't wait to watch. My TV addiction may be coming on slowly, but it is strong.

Believe me, you have NO reason to be embarrassed. At least you were smart and wise and did not spend a crapload of money and energy on an overdone nursery in which THE BABY HAS NEVER, EVER SPENT A NIGHT (like, ahem, me).

Enjoy the evening (and Ugly Betty!).

cinnamon gurl said...

I'm with jezer on the nursery with a very expensive crib (which we didn't even buy until he was 4 months old so we probably should have known better but we were still inexperienced and optimistic)... must go check out her blog.

As for completing home projects, our problem is not so much overbooked social lives (but wouldn't that be fun!) as it is pure unadulterated laziness.

And we watch tv around our son. Mostly because he's such a night owl, I'd have to give up all my favourite shows because he's pretty much awake the whole time we're awake.

metro mama said...

Cakes has the same crib. It was a bitch to put together. We have the matching bookcase and change table too.

Cakes hasn't watched any TV yet either.

Mrs. Chicky said...

I admire you mamas who haven't exposed your kids to tv yet. I wish I would have held out but sometimes I just don't know what i would do without Elmo.

something blue said...

No television! Are you speaking French because I don't understand what you are saying?

Congrats on the big project!!!

Bri said...

That is impressive about the TV! I thought I was going to hold out too but TV has crept into Sam's life. It does help sometimes, and sometimes it doesn't hold her attention.
That crib looks so soft and comfy with that comforter!

mimi said...

Hey! Me too with the same crib (and change table and wardrobe as Miss Baby's room has no closet). What a pain in the arse to put together. I did it 7 months pregnant (husband gets IKEA rage ... it was better this way) and I had to actually use the DRILL to make the support rack pieces fit into the frame. Grrrrr. Then I had a good cry. Because I was pregnant.

Good luck with the boxes! And with catching up on Ugly Betty. I loves me some Ugly Betty.