Friday, November 3

Day three: Random Art Exhibit

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Today was the kind of day where I headed out to do some mundane errands which should have been absolutely boring but ended up having fun and discovering something really cool.

I met up with my mommy friend who I met in the local new parent group. Actually the group should have been called the "Save Your Sanity" or "You Are Not Alone" club. I'm so serious. I would look forward to those Wednesday afternoons like Paris Hilton looks forward to another skanky scandalous photo opportunity. The mom group was one of those provincially run programs that runs under the guise of teaching new parents to make baby food, baby massage, make toys, sing songs, among other things but really - it was a pick-up spot for new moms friends.

If you were lucky at one of these groups, you could meet someone to hang out with who wasn't going to care that you had a screaming baby on your lap (as mine often did back in those days) or that you had to breast feed every 30 minutes (or so it seemed back then). In the beginning I didn't really meld with anyone in particular but after a few weeks one of the other moms proved to be funny and interesting to talk to (translation: not all talk was baby-related) and her baby was one irresistible little girl.

Since then, we have gone out walking often and now we meet at least once a week to hang out and let the girls duke it out play. Anyhow, I'm making a short story long, so to cut to the chase, we do many mundane errands together just to have the company while with baby. And it's nice to have good company.

Today we both had government red tape errands to run so we bundled the girls up and headed to her government building first. It was promising looking when we walked into the office and there was only one other person in the waiting area but it turns out the process is a slow one and requires many forms and there was only one clerk working. Sigh. So after playing a few rounds of "I'll only pick this up one more time sweety" with Bumper, I told my friend that I was going to walk her around and check out the lobby area. I had noticed some interesting installations and I love me some random art exhibits.

On the third floor of this building near one of the large conference rooms was this:

Uh.... Motherbumper... it's a keyhole

No but yeah - here is a fidgity Bumper for scale:
I returned to the lobby and found a wall of information on the artist who made all the artwork for the building. All were works of Michael Snow who did the Eaton's Centre StopFlight. The photo above was the only one I recorded at the time and because of my swiss cheese memory I can't remember the name of the piece. The rest of the work was very community oriented and I had fun finding them around the large lobby. Before I knew it, my friend was done and we headed off to deal with my red tape.

Actually I never dealt with my red tape. We walked over to that building which was about two blocks away. When we arrived and found the right floor I headed into the waiting area and saw at least 15 people in line. Not a huge number but not small and more importantly it appeared that very few clerks were working. To this I said "Hell no. Let's go shopping." And so we did.


something blue said...

It's awesome that you clicked with another mom at the "pick-up spot for new moms friends." (You speak the truth!)

Red tape ick. Shopping always wins.

sunshine scribe said...

Very cool day.

I had a wonderful mom's group and 5 years later I am still very close to some of them. My son even plays soccer and goes to swimming lessons with some of the kids we met back when he was an infant. Those women were my sanity! Glad you have the same.

Bri said...

That's wonderful that you found someone you could connect with at the group, some of the women I've met are a either super super happy moms or just not interested in you!
Oh yeah, speaking from "personal" experience, never go to a government office on a Friday, it's always busy and no one there works on Fridays! wink wink!

Mother Bumper said...

Oh Bri - always my fountain of knowledge - I should have known that from my provincial gov't days but that swiss cheese memory of mommyhood strikes again!

kittenpie said...

cool! You always stumble on the neato art installations. And how nice to have that person. If I do baby no. 2, I have to make myself join some stuff.