Friday, November 17

Day seventeen: The Friday edition

Well I'm glad to be past the half-way mark because I'm less likely to quit at this point. It's not entirely impossible but at this point less likely to happen.

Anyhow, I've spent the last twenty minutes looking for the pigeon-scratches that I call notes. These notes contained the post I intended to put up tonight and I can't find them anywhere. I'm drawing a blank about what I wrote down but I know enough to say that I liked what I wrote down.

Why do I have to be a slave to pen and paper? I just can't seem to give up those manual instruments and give into technology. I guess that's a bit melodramatic but I'm known for my theatrics so it's not that out of character.

I suspect Bumper got her hands on my scribbles because she loves all things paper. And she loves to eat, or at least taste, the paper and just for good measure, she must shred it into tiny little pieces. Tiny little pieces that I find and throw in the recycling.

For instance, she was really, really quiet the other day and we all know that silence is a huge glaring signal that something bad is being perpetrated. Sure enough, she had my wallet and had already dumped out the contents. My plethora of identifications, business cards, postage stamps, stamp cards from shops I have visited once and two fully completed buy 10 get one free Subway cards were spread around her like a picnic. She was just beginning to shred our drop-in centre ID, so I caught her at a good time.

I don't think tonight's post notes were that lucky.

But there is a plus side of the wallet-breach. I realized Subway stopped honoring those stamp cards over a year ago so Bumper did me a favor by forcing me to do a bit of tidying up. Now that I've cleaned out my George Costanza wallet, I can find things without dumping half my life on the counter top. Very nice but I don't recommend the method.

Of course the downside is: I'm missing one somewhat good post that probably is a legend in my own mind and more likely was as exciting as reading my grocery list. And trust me, my grocery list has a really predictable story line and very poor character development.

known suspect caught on film
perpetrating a day-timer felony


I just told husband what I suspect happened to my notes and how I blogged about it.

I'm inclined to agree when he said my post was "a dog ate your homework" kind of excuse.


And I'm incorrigible: Don't forget to go vote for your favorites over at the Canadian Blog Awards site - many of my favorite blogs are nominated so it's a hard decision but go vote... pretty please.


crazymumma said...

Not voting. seems wrong, to many folks out there I like.
My kids steal my watch, I'll have them call Bumper and let her in on the fun...

Mary-LUE said...

Hey, a dog did eat my homework once. (Of course, it was already late and he only chewed on the corner, but an excuse is an excuse! Babies are always good for blaming.)

P.S. I am sure it was Pulitizer Prize winning material.

Chag said...

I use a tiny little notebook that fits in the pocket of my jeans.

something blue said...

That must have been a delicious post! This one was just fine cause I love me some Seinfeld references.

I am the same way about cleaning out my receipts in my purse. I find all kinds of crumpled bits in there.