Tuesday, October 31

Hallowe'en: the most wonderful time of the year

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So it's been so long, I don't even know where to start so I'll just jump in:

Last week I met another cool mommy blogger in person. I'm always (1) glad that the person I've only read over cyberspace and via email turns out to be funny and very easy to talk to and (2) is a parent to an amazing and cute little lady (check her out with Bumper). Bri and Samantha from Our little funny bunny are so easy going, I felt like I already knew her. And I guess I actually did already know her because I always try to read her posts and we chat as often as busy parents can. Blogging just gets better and better everyday.


This past weekend, Bumper went to her first wedding. Husband was in the wedding party (remember the bachelor party a couple of weeks ago?) so I had to wrangle her solo during the mass and keep her from creating too much destruction in her wake. I was hoping she wouldn't try to get to husband during the ceremony (she didn't).

However, she did like the sound of her voice in the church so she made many hoots and da-da-da sounds. You know, just to make sure everyone knew she was there and to ensure everyone would turn around to see her in her cute dress. She also threw my car keys a few pews ahead (always fun to crawl around while nicely dressed) in order to protest the fact that I forgot to bring her monkey or any toys for her entertainment. I know, I know, I suck.

Overall, it was a success and husband looked damn hot in his tuxedo. The friends who married looked absolutely wonderful and I couldn't be happier for them. They are both so smart and kind and they aren't the type that you hate because they are so damn smart and kind. It was a great wedding and husband and I got to dance the night away while Bumper had her first night sans parent, under the watchful eye of her Auntie. Damn sweet. No meltdowns, she was asleep only an hour late and she slept well all night. Does it get any better?


So here I am on one of my favorite nights of the year and Bumper has gone to bed on time after a fun day swimming and pumpkin related activities. She was supposed to be a ninja ladybug but that idea was revisited for a couple of reasons: she didn't care for the headgear and I didn't trust her with the throwing stars. So she was a regular ladybug. Okay, she was a freakin' cute ladybug.

I know I look cute but this headgear has gotta go

even bugs need their bisquit breaks

Well the night is still young so husband and I are going to watch The Hills Have Eyes, eat good food and drink red wine. Sweet.


Hey - I'm taking part in NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) and have committed to making a post every single freaking day in November. Based on my recent track record, I'm looking at failure but I'm going to do my darndest to prove my pessimistic outlook wrong. Fussy has organized this and I'm really looking forward to pushing myself. I'm in so much trouble. Wish me luck.

Happy Hallowe'en!


metro mama said...

Oh, so cute!

Happy halloween.

scarbie doll said...

OOh, I'm fully going to try that post a day thing -- and fail.

Bumper is the shizzit in that costume.

penelopeto said...

cutest. ladybug. ever.
happy halloween; enjoy the movie.

something blue said...

The acoustics in churches makes for some sweet sounds! I'm sure she has the voice of an angel, as her darling face could only match such exquisite beauty. The ladybug cuteness is blinding!

I look forward to all thirty days of the BloPo. You can DO it!

BTW: Your site looks awesome!

Mrs. Chicky said...

Shoot, Penelope beat me to my comment.

She is, in fact, the cutest ladybug ever. It deserves to be said twice.

Enjoy that wine!

krista said...

Wow- you actually managed to get her to wear the headgear- amazing. My little guy wouldn't go near his, screaming bloody murder every time I went near him with the winnie the pooh hat.

I'm trying for a post everyday too.

Bri said...

Aww thanks for the compliments!
Bumper looks so sweet in that costume!!! We were at a wedding last Saturday too but I didn't have the guts to bring Samantha, good that you brought Bumper.

Daylight savings time still playing havoc here!

I would fail at that NaBloPoMo thing miserably!

crazymumma said...

ooohhhh....ya know I love the hills have eyes......

Bumper is magnificent in her outfit.