Sunday, July 30

So I promised myself I'd do it this way...

Yeah... sometime back when I started this blog I promised myself I'd use this wonderful new tool to discover something about myself.

And I have.

It was something that I kinda already knew but this just confirms it. Whenever I feel like confessing how I feel, if I post about it, I feel better. Like way better.


So I must keep doing this. These bitchin' posts are just a way to get things off my chest because I never seem to be actually able to say these things.

Sure, sure, I don't get into details so that a reader might actually be semi-interested in what I've bitched about but I'm not in it for the comments on that kind of stuff.

I'm into the "letting it go".

Poof (well not really, but it's a start).

Thanks again for listening. It's been a hard couple of weeks and maybe (oh please) this is a turning point.

Now I turn to you for advice (what!?! are you insane?!?). Has anyone out there used the following types of therapy? And if so, what kind of results have you or do you think you have received?

I'm looking for something to help me regain my overall sense of well-being, balance, and the always elusive stress-reduction.

I think one of these might work for me (for numerous reasons) but I'd love to hear if they helped or made things worse or just did diddlee for you. If you've posted about it, send me the link. I'd really like to hear about:
  • Reflexology
  • Accupuncture
  • Naturopathy
I've used yoga (not in two past years because I'm lazy and it falls to the bottom of my list which is stupid because I feel so much better when I do it - whatever - I'm a lazy ass) and massage therapy for the past 12 years because of a sprained back. Since I arrived in Toronto I've had crappy massages so when I go back out East I always book an appointment but I really have to find someone here.

So tell me your stories, and if you know or can recommend people in Toronto I'd like to hear about them (send me an email if you aren't comfortable posting that information). I'd really appreciate it.

My Momma loves me so much maybe I should take a nap.
NAAAAAAAAAAA, it's not in the cards. Sorry Momma.


Jezer said...

The bitterness you speak about in the other rant? Yes. I can totally relate. Especially to how it's that 'can't quite put your finger on it' angsty feeling. Actually, though, starting Al in daycare has helped. But now, I've traded bitterness for guilt. Ahh, the joys of motherhood.

As far as therapy, the only kind I've ever tried has been psychotherapy. Heh. Worked pretty well for me, though.

I'm glad the rant helped. It's so important to have an outlet for those feelings. How did our mothers and grandmothers survive?

Bri said...

I can completely identify with you. Some days, (which are very few) I actually think hey I can do this, it's a breeze, no problem, I can have about 4 more kids etc etc...but more than not it's a struggle. I've never tried any of the techniques you mentioned, mostly because I just can't drag myself to one, but a friend of a friend did acupuncture and said it helped immensely.
PS. this heat doesn't help much either.
And like Jezer said above, how did our moms and grandmothers do it???

penelopeto said...

i have a naturopath; definitely helps with the overall wellness (for bumblebee too), but takes comittment and work. i prefer therapy where i do nothing but lay there and someone attends to my needs. so massage therapy it is. but, like you, haven't had a great one in a long time, so if you get a reco, please pass it on!

Her Bad Mother said...

Acupuncture - magic.

See Dr. Jimmy on Bloor at Spadina. Shiatsu/Acu combo will cure anything.

sunshine scribe said...

I am a huge believer in Naturopathy. I have an amazing Naturopath that has helped me overcome some huge medical obstacles and she is like my therapist at the same time. But you do have to particpate and follow through for it ti work. For me it has been huge. I have sent several friends to her who have had the same awesome results. Email me and I'll send you all her details. Hoping for the best for you.