Wednesday, June 7

I had to post something light because...

I read far too many heart-wrenching posts today. I have been down the past few days and I've written a few heavy posts that haven't been published. Not right now. So for tonight, I'm allowing a guest post. Introducing a seldolm heard member of the Bump household: Emmett.

Heya folks, E here. I've been looking after the Bumper since she's gotten more entertaining. You know, she walks like me, on all fours.

I see potential in her ability to feed me someday soon. I figure I've got to groom them while their young. I've tried dragging out the kibbles to show her how but she keeps trying to eat them. This makes Mistress mad so I won't do it while she's looking.

I like playing with the kid. She has these cool toys. Like this here bat. She calls him Bierko.

So it was nice talking with you. Mistress said this was a blog about Mommy stuff. So I really don't have much to say. But I thought you would all swoon at the power of my sultry looks. Yes? No? I'm a playa ladies but I'm all good.


Jenny said...

The kid is adorable but the cat is gorgeous. My cats have also decided that my toddler is a possible food source rather than the enemy. Still...that doesn't mean they actually like her that much.

PS. Don't let the bastards get you down.

scarbie doll said...

Uh-oh! Boo Boo has comptetition!

Thanks for your awesome comments. You cheered me up big time. And that GGB story -- how jealous am I?

sunshine scribe said...

Swooning at the power of his sultry looks over here.

Thanks for introducing me to your great blog Mother Bumper :)

lildb said...

oh, HOTTTie. that is some delicious kitten love, right there.

(if I weren't so afraid of hairballs, I'd probably taste that kitten fur.)