Wednesday, June 7

Blogger is driving me nuts people! I think others are having the same problems as me. I have been commenting on other people's blogs (also Blogger) and my comments disappear! AHHHHH! I only have a few secs to do a comment considering Bumper is running me off my toes and then to have my comments trashed is beyond annoying. Also I've gone to visit other peoples blogs and I don't see their updates. Three different peoples sites all of the sudden today just updated and now I've missed two or three posts from some of my favs! AHHHHH.

I had to get that out of my system.

I will post later. Though I'm debating posting what I've outlined. It seems EVERYONE was having the same shitty day yesterday. Must of been the 06/06/06 thing.

That is all (for now).


Beth said...

I know! I am pissed at blogger this week! I can comment on like one or two, and then the rest either says error, or it just doesn't show up! I am not ignoring anyone! lol!

Me baby, ME! said...

Yes, Monday all was ok, then as I was changing the template it got all screwy and ever since it hasn't been the same.
Anyway, hope it's back to normal soon!

mama_tulip said...

Blogger's been awful for me for days. So annoying!