Monday, June 5

Learning to fly

This has to be one of the most unnerving things to experience as a parent. Letting them fall.

I have to surpress my urge to cry out (and I'm a screamer folks - whoops too much information - la la la - okay folks I'll stop scaringsharing now).

Anyways, back to Bumper. She's getting better at it now but it still scares the living crap out of me. Any advice folks?

I mean, LOOK at the bump on her forehead. It's a crime! No it's not. Wait. Don't call Child Services on me. Please. I've put the foamy corners on the coffee table. I've cleared off and secured the bookcases. I bought a really ugly play pen. COME ON PEOPLE. What more do you want from me? I'm making my furniture more fugly* because I love her!

* Thank you HBM, for the new addictive word. I've already used it twice in conversation today.


lildb said...

y'know, you're never gonna get used to watching your sweet, fragile babe take a header. it's always gonna make your stomach lurch. however, you will both survive this period. (I say that with all the wisdom of a mother to one 10-month-old, yes, a 10-month-old who has begun to speed-walk, but still -- let's face it, I'm pretty green yet.)

it's not gonna end without a lotta bumps and bruises, though. argh. I think my kid is currently rocking approx. eight separate bruises/owwies. sigh.

bubandpie said...

My Bub took a terrible fall when he was just learning to walk (no injuries, or anything - just a real header into the coffee table, split lip, etc.). After that, it was TWO WEEKS before he was brave enough to walk again with no hands. There really is that period of a few months where you can't get any portraits taken because they always have a bruised face - but then they get a bit better at walking and (especially) falling. Not looking forward to it with the Pie.

Her Bad Mother said...

WonderBaby's been working the head bonks a lot recently. Thankfully, no marks, yet.

Great action shot!

(And, on fugly?


something blue said...

I tried to comment earlier. Blogger needs a bump on the head!

I can totally sympathize. My 10 month old has a bruise on her cheek. I am embarrassed to take her out in public because it doesn't look like she got it falling down, but REALLY she did. Poor babies. Thank goodness they bounce back so quickly.

Mother Bumper said...

Thank you for making me feel better people. I love (in a sick way?) that we are all going through the same thing. Bumper now has little bruises all over her knees because she has been cruising the small apartment at top speed. Where are the batteries and off switch for this girl? I love you all and I'm so glad you come by and visit me (otherwise I'd have no friends :).

Jezer said...

Bumper is such a beauty, bruises and all! Al's just now realizing that he can move, and every now and then we help him onto all fours and watch his eyes gleam at the possibilities. I know we shouldn't rush the mobility, but it's so fun to watch them learn new tricks!

And thanks for the comment over there. That was one that had been brewing for a while, and it took me some time to be ready to spit it out. I feel better now. And I'm ALL about a play date!

metro mama said...

Thanks for your comments on my site!

Cakes took a couple of nasty falls last week. We had to take her to her aunt's wedding with bruising on her face and ear!

My wonderful mother-in-law had the tact to say nothing.