Wednesday, May 31

wacky weather

Toronto just had a tornado warning.

No tornado but it was a wild and windy storm that passed through (lasting about 30 minutes) and honestly in my six years here, I don't remember another storm like it. It was the kind that made me stay in the back of the apartment, away from the windows. This I did with Bumper in my arms, trying to act all cool while I kept one eye on the outside. Why do windows always look bigger and more dangerous when the high winds are blowing - more shattery or stabby if you will (I can make up my own words after all, it is MY blog).

But I think the most frustrating part of the storm for me was: no internet. Darn you smart bump daddy, being all safe and practical and make me shut down the computer. Phsstttt to you!


Beth said...

When I lived in Edmonton a few years ago, I was on the 10th floor of a high rise, and they issued a tornado warning. I was wondering the whole time (I was home alone at the time!) where the hell I should go? The basement (I would be crushed) the top (would I fall to my death?)
It was nuts! Glad you are ok!

Bri said...

Our power was out too for 2hrs last night, it's funny how much we depend on electricity,
thanks for the kind words on my blog. things are getting a little bit better between us, more of a case of two stubborn people learning to comprimise!

mama_tulip said...

No internet sucks. I never really realized how much I like having constant internet access until ours went down recently. Torture, I tell ya...torture.

Mother Bumper said...

Yes no internet really SUCKS. I'm not sure what to do with myself if Bumper gives me a few mins to myself. I'm soooooo whipped ;)

Bri - I'm glad things are a bit better. Hang in there (not to sound like a cute 80's poster of a kitten or nothin'). You are a fantastic mom to that beautiful Samantha.

Bri said...

It's funny how sometimes being a Mom makes you feel like you're so alone out there! But then you find you're not the only one with the same feelings! It's wonderful knowing you're not alone! Thanks!