Tuesday, May 30

I know the heatwave is official over in Toronto (could someone tell my internal heat sensors that - I'm really sweating here folks) but I'm pretty darn sure I might be going insane from the heat.

In the grocery store, just hours ago, I broke into song. I actually started singing out loud. It was my song choice that scared me for two reasons: I hate the song and I never knew I had subconsciously committed so much of the song to memory. I found this disturbing but I couldn't stop myself. I sang Reo Speedwagon's "Can't fight this feeling anymore" in the dairy aisle. Perhaps it is relevant that I mention I CANNOT sing.

Mind you, it did keep Bumper happy. And I think I made the guy restocking the yoghurt laugh. Or cry.

it's true folks, she sounded awful

I apologize in advance to any Reo Speedwagon fans out there but I used to be mean to the kids that listened to that sort of stuff. I can admit it. I was a music snob. Back then I only liked ska, reggae, and some older stuff (Beatles, Ramones etc.) and couldn't stand that elevator music. See there I go - I'm still a freakin' snob. Old habits die hard. But that still doesn't explain my song choice this morning.

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modmom said...

what a cute baby!
my daughter was saying hello to her picture