Monday, May 15

Lovin' my Kool-Aid Posse

Thank you HBM for suggesting and facilitating this celebration of how/why we all joined the blogsphere and Mother's Day shoutout. I love your writings and I'm getting smarter just by reading your stuff (I keep a dictionary handy and I always have Merriam-Webster open at the sametime). I hope I'm not too late in contributing.

For me, blogging (lurking really) all started in a depressing manner. That's how I felt. PPD had it's hold on me and I was giving in because I had no other escape. The only thing that kept me going was looking down to my bosom and seeing this magical, wonderful daughter that I helped bring into this world. Then one day I was googling baby stuff and somehow I came upon a link to Secret Agent Josephine. Baby Bug made me smile and her Mom's cheerful and pure writing (eg. no swearing) made me feel nice inside. A glow started and a flame was lit. I started to hit her blogroll and there I found Amalah. Yipee! A mom who swears! Well from there I was on freakin' fire. Finally I laughed, felt understood and found something interesting that was mommy related (yes I know that's a loaded statement but I was finding the mommy chats I was involved in very...ummm... very.... well for lack of better words: boring and full of platitudes). Then I found Sweet Juniper. They reminded me of the friends I met in university and miss so dearly. They intimidated me somewhat but then after some back reading I felt like I could make a comment or two that didn't sound stupid. Not sure if that is 100% true but I commented anyway.

Then I found local moms and the familiarity made me feel confident to start my own blog. HBM, urban_mommy, and Martini's for Milk all inspired me and if I was more articulate I'd go on for days. As I have said time and time again - I can't write worth shit but I love "meeting" people. Maybe people may want to hear my two cents. Plus Bumper is way too cute to keep to myself. So short of the long - that's how I got here and I'm so glad I did. A huge thank you to the blogsphere and I know I missed dozens on my inspiration list but time is precious and must be spent with sweet, sweet Bumper.

I can never get enough of those sweet cheeks!


Her Bad Mother said...

This is so lovely. So honoured to be counted among those that inspired your blogging!

And, god, that Bumper! Those eyes! Those cheeks!

(and that shirt! whither the shirt? must have!)

Bri said...

It's great to know that all us moms aren't alone out there, I just started reading your blog, (among countless others!!) and it's wonderful, Keep writing!!!!

scarbie doll said...

Wow! I'm glad you find me inspiring. And you ARE a good writer! That's the best part about blogging--it improves your writing by a thousand-fold, just because you have to try and do it every day. You find yourself walking around, composing posts in your head constantly.

Oh, and you little one is badass in that t-shirt.

tania (urban_mommy) said...

Its great to find mommie bloggers that are close to home! Feels great to know you like my blog, The 'not alone' feeling that comes when another mommie blogger gives you props never loses its power to make you more confident in how to make it through another day of motherhood. So a very heartfelt thanks. Keep on bloggin'.

And Bumper! Adorable - and cool to boot!

Jezer said...

Yes, she is way too cute to keep to yourself! Happy Belated Mother's Day.

Mom101 said...

I have to agree, she's ridiculously cute. And judging from her tee, her mom has outstanding taste in both fashion and music.

Thanks for the nice comment over at my place. Glad to have found you too.