Thursday, May 18

I never seem to get it right

I never seem to get it quite right, the blogging that is (why am I talking like Yoda, not quite sure). I run into the office during naps and daddy time and I whip something up and then I publish it and then 9 times out of 10 I'm saying: "CRAP... that's not what I meant to say or I forgot to add that or worse yet... I forgot to say thank you".

I was overwhelmed (verklempt if you will) by the wonderful comments on my little offering for the great Mommy Kool-Aid hug and I'm embarrassed that I didn't come back and say what I really felt when I read those wonderful words: (think Sally Field here) they like me! they really, really like me! I'm sooooo stoked that Mom-101, bri, Jezer, scarbie doll, urban mommy and of course HBM (who probably thinks I'm stalking her by now with all my obsessive linking to her site) all came for a visit and had such encouraging things to say.

OK so my teenage Sally Field outburst is soooo uncool and I'm gonna go die of embarrassment now.

Now paranoia sets in... maybe they are just here for the baby pics and to laugh at the grammer errors.

You're probably right momma, they are visiting for the pics

And for any interesting parties, the Ramones T-shirt came from H&M. And if anyone from H&M reads this: please send me some free samples and I'll flog your store endlessly. Man - I just sold out in under 2 seconds - I'm pathetic sometimes. But only in the name of fashion...


scarbie doll said...

Ooh, dontcha just love getting comments from new people? It's like getting mail!

Anonymous said...

i'm so buying the Ramones t for my tot.

BTW...I'm the same way when I post something that gets a big response. Validation is a lovely thing. :) Of course if I post with no response I hate myself. I'm probably to mentally unstable to be a blogger...sigh.


kittenpie said...

oh hell, I never saw a Ramones T at H&M, and since they have the attention span of a gnat, I know they are gone by now. Love it!