Friday, May 19

TGIF (because Bump Daddy is home to lend a helping hand)

So does anyone else have a closet that looks like this? Please tell me you do because I used to be a Neat Freak and now my life has been reduced to this:

On the left there are two overflowing laundry hampers and the blue "sweater organizer" (snort with laughter, I do when I call it an "organizer") is stuffed with my post pregnancy clothing. I don't even know what is in the boxes up above and I'm afraid to find out. Help me - please tell me that this is normal.

And that's just my closet. I kicked Bump Daddy out and he has a rolling rack to hold his stuff. Because he's visual - I learned that from Neat. He will only keep his clothing nice and folded/hung if he can see the mess he's creating and not have doors to hide it behind. I need to listen to my own assvice advice.

Hey momma, stop trying to organize me! Let me be FREE!


kittenpie said...

totally normal, babe. In fact, rather on the neat side. ;^)
I still have boxes I haven't unpacked and back-of-the-closet clothes I haven't worn since our move - two years ago this July. Ouch.

Bri said...

Your closet is pretty neat compared to mine, (or rather my side) my husband keeps his side nice and neat!!!!
Wonderbaby is a sweetie, I love the little comments you write for her.

Her Bad Mother said...

Oh, dude, my closets are MUCH worse than that. That's how things look *outside* the closet.

(Love the picture. Suh-weet!)

Naomi said...

Hi there! I wouldn't worry about your closet. At least you know what the piles ARE...that's a start!! I have a whole ROOM that looks like that, and much worse. It's completely normal!!