Wednesday, April 12

Pigpen isn't a good role model for me

I have been surrounded with negative energy for over a week now. I feel like that Pigpen character from Peanuts and instead of dirt people can feel my negative dust cloud / aura from a mile away. I'm not really into auras and such but I do believe in the "rain cloud over the head" feeling that many of us experience. Due to this fog, I haven't posted in a couple of days because everything I write seems nasty (prime example: my last post).

But then I saw something I couldn't help but smile about. It has actually made me smile a 100 million times since conception but my self-imposed bog made me temporarily blind. Bumper. My beautiful Bumper. One baby sigh from her sweet lips makes the world so much better.

snap out of it Momma - we got some playing to do

Thanks for listening dear reader (readers???? A girl can dream). I've snapped out of it and we are back to regular broadcasting later today when Motherbumper can type with two hands behind the closed office door. I typed this entire post with one hand as Bumper napped on my lap. Totally worth the frustration - it's worth getting rid of that yucky feeling. I'm a happy woman - no seriously - I am.

That is all.

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