Wednesday, April 12

Sunshine and Lollipops...

Even Bumper can have a bad hair day. She looks like she is wearing a toupee.

I actually tried to get this post up last night but Blogger was not loading properly and I couldn't get online. Is that normal for Blogger?

I'm a much happier camper today. The weather is ridiciously fantastic t-shirt weather - my favourite kind. Bumper and I made a date with another mommy this afternoon and I had a wonderful time shopping and drinking bubble tea with a lady and baby I met at Mommy and Me classes. Her little girl is just 13 weeks old so while baby was no intellectual equal, Bumper found her fascinating none the less. She kept lunging for the little one and I got a great cardio workout trying to keep Bumper from mauling the wee one. Bump is a strong little lady and once she gets her grip on something, it's hard to break the seal. Just ask either of the cats.

This morning, before our date, I noticed that Bumper has taken quite a liking to her new mirror. I purchased one on the recommendation of one of those parenting books. I was concerned for a microsecond that maybe she would become obsessed with her appearence and be vain (more so then her mom) but then I thought that it would help develop her id and superego via self-awareness and perhaps she could find that perfect balance I aspire to obtain (you know, somewhere between Gandhi and Mother Theresa... oh who am I kidding, I burst into flames if I even look at a church - really racks up the drycleaning bills... but I digress). Where was I? Ok so Bumper is loving the play mirror. Then I start thinking - am I raising a little diva? I mean check it out:

I'm ready for my close up Mr. DeMille...
It's all in the eyebrows baby.

We are off to the in-laws this weekend (no hi-speed connection - the horror!) where I hope Bumper will get all the laps, kisses and hugs this little girl needs and Mommy might find time to canoodle with Bump Daddy like a couple of teenagers downstairs in his parent's basement. See you next week!

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