Thursday, March 31

It's Not Wrong That I Wanted To Clip It's Wings

I really, really, really, like really miss reading and writing posts during my down time. #FreeTimeIsAMyth #GoodThingILoveWork #AndMoney

Usually that statement would be said on Twitter but it wasn't because that thought meant so much more to me than 140 could ever get across.

Not that there wouldn't be many friends on Twitter who would instantly feel the familiar without the benefit of a post and reply with something in 'preaching to the choir' genre -- because I'm confident there would be plenty of people out there who would completely understand.

And not because my tweets are thoughtless (okay, maybe they are 90% 10% of the time) because my personal rule is to count to ten and read it again before sending anything out there -- and personal rules apply at least 10% 90% of the time. Twitter is important to me. Twitter is how I keep one toe in mah commun-i-tee. Twitter is integral to my sanity (not really). Twitter is my life-line during the day (really). But I also think Twitter killed the Bloggio Star. My comments became @s and the illusion of knowing what was going on out *there* felt like a reality on Twitter until making time for a quick flip through the reader lead me to feel more disconnected than ever.

But I digress.

That first statement didn't become a tweet because I needed to prove to myself that thoughts could once again gorge themselves and gain weight before going on a diet of editing. Also the need to prove that I could be an active participant in the blogging community by -- wait for it -- writing a post (how novel!) was badly needed.

Last year I had made a personal pledge to spend more time writing, reading, and commenting on posts just like back in the 'old days'.  I set a really realistic goal of two comments a day because we all know that reading blogs is like falling down the rabbit hole and finding a couple of posts where something can be added is easy enough. In the beginning it was easy, goals were met times five. It felt good and it felt like I was catching up with old friends because that was exactly what it was -- reading about their lives and thoughts instead of just the headlines.

Then as all things do with annoying regularity, things began to fall apart. Streaks where there was no time to read and/or comment -- much less time for write -- lasted for days which stretched to weeks and then... well like I said, it all fell apart.

So here I am, flexing my typing fingers, favoring them over my Blackberry thumbs, and not tweeting.


Laurie said...

I've been writing more again lately. It feels good. The last thing I posted was a super long, totally self-indulgent update, because I felt like my blog was a random, erratic space and I liked the idea of pulling all the loose ends together before I move on. I always forget how much it's meant to ME to record and work through things there, and without it I've been in worse shape, I think.

I love Twitter too, and spend far too much time there than I should, but I really had to get back to fleshing out ideas and being a better reader too. This week worked -- we'll see what happens next week. Glad to see you're thinking along similar lines.

Anonymous said...

I'm in the same funk. And I feel far worse about neglecting my reader and commenting than I do about not writing enough myself... But I need to. Writing is a great outlet, friends are incredibly valuable. They both need our attention. I think we need to invent more time in the day :)

karengreeners said...

You know I totally agree with you. Hopefully we'll be able to talk about it at blogher.

Angella said...


Twitter is trying to kill the Bloggio star, and has sometimes succeeded and I miss the old days. I mean, I still force myself to post at least twice a week, but I miss reading my friends' thoughts.

Glad you're jumping back in, friend. :)

Kyla said...

Sometimes I feel like the last (wo)man standing out here. I don't have time to write, read, and comment...but I try to find it, because it is still important to me on some level.

mom-mom-mom said...

Thanks for making me feel like I am not crazy. I feel like I should be doing so much more with my blog (write/market/comment) that I get frozen and do nothing! Once I get back to focusing on the storytelling, I am in my Happy Place. Baby steps...

for a different kind of girl said...

I can barely blame Twitter for poking at the semiconscious body of my blog, even though I'd like to, because my last tweet was more than 20 days ago! Where mah clever go, yo?!