Wednesday, March 16

Free Association Time! Nipples, Rings, and Pupils.


At our dinner table this evening the conversation was about the differences between nipples and pupils. Apparently they sound too alike to my 5yo (must be my accent) and she thought it was hysterical to keep mixing them up. She's right, it is hilarious.

The talk disintegrated into a discussion on who has nipples (cats, humans, horses) and who doesn't (snakes, cicadas, Barbie). While these are the kind of conversations I could do without, I don't want to forget them.

Parenthood is like that, forgetting and all.

When she was an infant, I couldn't wait for the diapers and sore nipples to just STOP, I just wanted it over and why the hell would I want to remember that stuff but... I don't want to forget a minute of it.

Wish it didn't slip away so fast.


I have a ring fetish. Can't stop buying them and I just added to the collection.

These two silver dressy ones are new and gladly joined my beach glass collection.

Putting them on satisfies my urge to play dress up all the time. Do we ever outgrow that? I didn't think so.

Growing up is for chumps. I just wish my daughter understood that.

Somebody tell her please.

Stop growing up so fast kiddo.


Angella said...

I like pretty rings. And necklaces.

I hear you on the growing up. It needs to slow down. SLOW DOWN.

Kyla said...

Haha! Kids are so funny. And yeah, they grow up too fast!

Anonymous said...

There is Nipple Talk around here all the time. My almost 4yo daughter's favorite thing to do these days is to wait until I am on the phone, then shout in an innocent voice "is this a nippleo r a vulva?".

On a related note, I started eating Minneolas (the tangerine hybrid fruit thingy). Which makes me think of areolas. Which means I have nipples on the brain all the time.

And I'm a GIRL. I thought only guys had that issue.


I love rings, too, and am getting a bit obsessed. I love yours.

Jasmine said...

Haha! My son calls them "NEEPLES"

Renee said...

Love it!! It took me a good 20 minutes during scripture time the other night to explain to Moanna that "forefathers" did not mean "four fathers"... She was all "Why does he have four fathers?? I only have one!"

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