Thursday, September 9


I'm never good at the serious chatter, it just doesn't roll of the fingertips as easily as the other stuff but here's the thing: I'm kind of scared of an upcoming situation and it's pretty much permeated my every thought.

And since the majority of my thoughts go onto the internet, it's kind of silenced my chatter which for someone who tweets whenever she farts, is pretty amazing. Perhaps you are all glad for my preoccupation since it's cleared up your Twitter stream.

Whatever. Anyway.

My four-year old is going under general anaesthetic tomorrow for surgery (well duh, it's certainly not for entertainment purposes) and it's wigging me out for a number of reasons.

For the record, my girl is healthy but her teeth took a bad turn recently and some previous injuries due to some hard play -- an unfortunate incident involving a jumping contest and a bed post -- resulted in death to some teeth, a whack of nerve damage, and gosh darn it, a cavity. Which was probably brought to her by sugar more than the fake veneer of her bed post but who knows. After her dental exam so many procedures were listed that general anaesthesia was decided to be the most prudent route. This was only decided after a long discussion with her fantastic dentist. I *heart* the guy and dentists hold the same charm as clowns in my opinion so that is really saying something about the man.

Hospitals and surgeries are familiar territory to me. I grew up running the halls of medical building because my parents worked there and also I was a repeat customer for a plethora of medical incidents. Then my twenties found me working in those same halls and you learn stuff when you work in a medical environment. Lots of stuff. Too much stuff. Like all the stuff that can go wrong.

There I go, freaking myself out again.

Anyway. Sedation is not taken lightly. Or maybe it is. Heh. Anaesthetic is somewhat voodoo science that involves someone suspending life and blocking out pain with the aid of drugs and machines. And they are guessing based on some random survey of possibly inaccurate facts on how your body will react to the drug cocktail.


And I'm not hip on doing this to my daughter but the alternative is letting her teeth rot out of her head like a hillbilly.


And I know I sound like this is about me but it's not: I'm scared for my daughter who as far as she is concerned is getting a tooth or two removed followed a few days of eating ice cream and popsicles (forbidden fruit of our freezer.) Doesn't faze her at all. We've been straight up about everything and how it is going to hurt but they are going to let her 'sleep' through the procedure so it hurts less.

Ignorance is bliss.

Knowledge sometimes sucks.

Still scared.


Maria Melee said...

It will suck, mama. It isn't fun. BUT, she won't remember and it'll be over so so so quickly. Bring tissues. Lean on your friends and don't be ashamed to unabashedly freak the fuck out while you're waiting.

I promise, it'll be over super fast. And the grogginess and yuckiness when she wakes up won't last long at all.

I'm sorry you're dealing with this. I have epic dental phobias and I'd probably be hurling.

Hang in there, lady.

Julie @ The Mom Slant said...

Enough knowledge to be dangerous, eh?

My BFF from HS is a neuro nurse. Her younger daughter recently had a litany of neuro symptoms. Needless to say, Jamie worked her into quite a tizzy thanks to all of her professional knowledge of just what might possibly be wrong with her girl. Who is completely fine, BTW.

Be strong and be well. Your girl will be too.

Tanis said...

G will rock it and impress you so much. And while you are freaking out and obsessing over all the bad stuff that can happen she will happily be dreaming about farting giraffes and gnomes who belch.

Bring something to distract you in the hospital, like your cell phone so I can call you and burp the alphabet in your ear.

Knox and I just went through complicated dental surgery a month ago, so I know exactly how heavy that stone is in the pit of your stomach.

Velma said...

I'm sorry she (and you) have to go through this, but it really is the best way to get it all done and prevent years of future trauma. I remember taking my boy into the hospital to get tubes put in his ears @ 13 mos - it was awful waiting in pre-op and during the procedure, but it was so worth it. I think it's probably harder on the parents than it is for the kids!

mom2nji said...

Last year, my son with autism, had to be under general to have extremely extensive dental surgery. He had 6 teeth pulled, 4 root canals, and 4 crowns. It took 4 hours. I was a WRECK. But you know what? He woke up asking for pizza. He was okay. Your little one will be too. I will be sending you calming vibes tomorrow.

Sharon said...

A good friend of mine (you know her on twitter) had to bring her daughter in a month ago for dental surgery and she was very nervous about her dd going under, especially b/c there were other health concerns that affect her (and she has sleep apnea). My heart went out to her and you - because I'm the same way m'lady. Knowing what can go wrong makes it all the more stressful and is the main reason I hate flying.

You're not alone. So don't keep it in, we're all here to support you and offer you comfort so you're not freaking out alone.


Anonymous said...

Hugs! My middle daughter has had to go under 3 times for her brain issues.

habanerogal said...

Feeling strong thoughts for you can't burp but I know what it feels like G will have gorgeous smile when it's all done

Katherine @postpartumprogr said...

I have SO been there. My son had to have surgery when he was 1, and after they wheeled him off I literally passed out and went to sleep in his room. I was so overwhelmed with stress that I shut down completely. Thinking of you and hoping all goes well.

Anonymous said...

you will both be fine. I'm sure it's a procedure done many times that the dentist has perfected. you also have the added bonus that he is a hottie. and there will be popsicles.

it seems G has a good relationship with dentists, so all should be ok, plus they administer anesthetics a lot different nowadays. they're a lot safer too!

I remember when I had to have a tooth out when I was her age, I kicked and screamed, and had to be held down by my parents, the nurse and the dentist, whilst the anesthetist tried to put the mask over my nose and mouth to administer the gas and air that would knock me out. despite that horrid experience I haven't got an aversion to dentists, so that's ok I guess. and also they did the same thing when I managed to get a bead stuck up my nostril. luckily they got the bead out.

don't worry (easier to say than do I know!) all will go great, and as long as you keep yourself occupied then it'll be over quicker than you think.

all you have to worry about it what the bill will be :/

Lynn @ Walking With Scissors said...

I echo the thoughts of those above me. It's definitely going to be harder on you than on her! My daughter has been under twice - once for oral surgery to remove a growth and once for her tonsils. My son was under once for surgery on his tear ducts. All three times I was an absolute wreck but the kids came through it with flying colours, and so will your little girl!! Love and support from afar! xoxo

Allison Zapata said...


Stacey said...

I completely understand the fear. When my son was four he swallowed not one but two quarters. They became lodged in his throat and he required general anesthesia to retrieve them. Thinking about it still gives me the shivers but he's now seven ,completely healthy and begs us not to mention it anymore.
I'm finally at a point where I can laugh and joke and embrace the nickname 50 cent he was given at that time. That said, it was one of the hardest things I've had to go through as a mother.
We love our children so fiercely we want to protect them from any harm or pain.
Being scared about this is absolutely normal. I'd worry if you weren't scared.
You'll want to climb the walls while you wait but it will ideally be over quickly and then you can smother your little girl in kisses and hugs and then breathe that sigh of relief.

Hang in there!

Emma said...

Totally get your nervousness. Oliver had hernia surgery at Sick Kids 2 years ago, almost, and him going under a general was maybe the scariest part. I'm going to be honest, he was not happy when he woke up AT ALL. But it'll be over very fast and her teeth will be better and everything will turn out peachy! Right?! Right.

Marilyn (A Lot of Loves) said...

Oy. I am there with you. Sometimes it sucks to be armed with knowledge. What a terrible decision to have to make. It'll be okay. She'll have nice lovely gaps in her mouth and be munching on ice cream before you know it.

mayberry said...

I know it's hard! When my daughter had her appendix out I didn't have much time to worry about the anesthesia, but it was still scary. Needless to say she is fine and well, my colorist just has a few more grays to work with, you know? XOXO to you & the brave girl.

for a different kind of girl said...

Like everyone else here, I can understand the concern you have. I sometimes think it makes things worse when we, as the parent, has time to sit and think about it. IT. Two weeks ago, my son broke his arm pretty badly, and while a team of people hovered around him, I hung in the corner watching, wondering why they were pulling out IVs and talking about morphine, and OMG, why isn't his dad here, dammit! Then a doctor pulled me out of the room and told me they had to knock him out to reset the bones. I honestly had no idea that was part of it. This part of parenthood was all new to me. It helped I had a very calm doctor explaining everything to me, and then I was reminded doing nothing for him regarding pain would be barbaric...and then, OK, forgive me, there was the 'coming out of it' stage that, dear god, rivaled "David After the Dentist" in it's sheer awesomeness.

It's a big thing, but so is trust, and I trust the medical staff are awesome, and when all is said and done, your beauty is going to remember nothing but how ready she is for some ice cream. XOXO

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh, I'll be thinking of you today, praying. I've had to have two of my boys sedated at some times and it is NOT FUN, but it's not supposed to be, but one thing is for sure: it will be ok. And over sooner than you imagined. :)

Gray needs surgery on his teeth, too. Hopefully soon- we have to work out some awful insurance issues in the meantime. I hope it goes well, I am sure it will. Hugs!!


mapsgirl said...

Thinking about you both today. Sending lots of hugs.

Pgoodness said...

I'm a little behind, but thinking of you today (oh, and her, but damn those kids are amazing, so no worries there).

I'm all too familiar with that heart in throat panic feeling that gets squashed down so they don't see it. P had his appendix out a few weeks ago and just last night fell off the couch and broke his wrist!

Ah, this parenting gig...there's a good reason no one tells you about this part. Hang in there.

TwoBusy said...

Yeah, it sucks — but way more for the parent than for the kid. My son underwent some serious sedation dentistry about 4 years ago, and while he was all kinds of whacked out, confused and unhappy when he woke up... an hour later he was back home, relaxed and happy as as clam. Same for my daughter, who underwent anesthesia twice for two (2!) separate ear tube procedures.

All fingers crossed today for you guys, but I have little doubt y'all are gonna do just fine.

Ashley said...

Hugs to you! It sucks but you will be so relieved once it's all over -- the surgeries, the dental problems, everything. Hang in there.

Naomi Jesson said...

Hang in there. I also work in the hospital and I know. I know. Sending out good thoughts & big HUGS!

red pen mama said...

My younger daughter had ear tubes, and I was a wreck about it (and trying not to show I was a wreck). god speed and hang in there. I nearly cried when they took her back for the anaesthetic. And then, 15 minutes later she was done.

sending hugs.

Christina said...

We went through a similar experience last year when Cordy broke a tooth and had to go under general anesthesia for surgery. I was a wreck, and waiting for her to wake up afterward was just as hard as her going in for the surgery.

I know it's scary, but they're also very well trained people taking care of her. Telling you not to worry is silly, though - I'd worry all over again if we had to go through it again. Hope it's all good soon.

Rebecca said...

I'd be freaking out so bad; it's totally your right. Wishing you guys the best possible outcome.

Nichole said...

Big hugs! Sending you cuddly and calming energy.

Karen MEG said...

I hope everything went well today... thinking about you girls.

Kyla said...

How did it go??