Monday, September 13


Her surgery was exhausting.

We have decided that as a couple watching our daughter go under -- we were asked to hold her hands by her side because she was going to struggle -- was one of the worst experiences of our parenting gig. That makes us pretty lucky but it was still difficult to watch. She struggled like the fighter she is, she looked so scared, and so very, very small on the table.

It. Was. Hard.

We were both incredibly fidgety in the wait room. My phone chose that exact moment to crap out on me and leave with an endless rotating hourglass when trying to open distractions like Twitter or email. Distractions that were full of support. Distractions that were keeping me sane. Smartphone FAIL.

Looking at my husband I could tell he was listening as hard as me for any noise to emerge from down the hall. We had heard the patient who came out before our girl wake up and it sounded very unpleasant.  And puke-filled. There was no way of knowing how G was going to react.

Thankfully the surgery went smoothly and even if it did run a little late, it went just as planned according to the dentist and doctor. That's always a good thing when it comes to any invasive procedure.

Waking up was extremely unpleasant for her. She punched, she screamed, she flailed, and she just couldn't keep her eyes open. When she finally said something, it was a very clear and loud declaration
Can't blame the girl, it had been half a day since her last gulp of water. Then she explained she couldn't open her eyes because it made her dizzy. I figured that was okay because if she saw how swollen her mouth was or *shudder* the blood, she'd be dizzy AND pissed off.

SB held her while our 4yo rode her bad trip. Meanwhile I tried to believe that it was a good thing our girl was yelling at us like a mean drunk. Or at least I think that's what the nurse had just said about our kid screams being a 'good thing' because it cleared the gas out of her lungs. It was hard to hear over the mayhem to be sure that's what she said.

Gotta say: oh the guilt. We should have covered her in bubble wrap and fed her only wheat grass in Listerine to prevent this.

When G arrived home and was able to examine the damage herself, she spent a longer than usual time in front of the mirror. Which you need to understand is a looooooooooong time because my 4yo? She can spend hours singing to herself and trying out lines on her reflection.

Anyway. After a good long stare at the space where her tooth used to be and the caps that protected her back teeth she declared "I love my new shiny teeth!" Then after a beat "but why didn't you get me gold teeth momma?"

Dream on kid, dream on. Maybe next time.

No wait, scratch that. Silver is cool and there better not be a next time.

I can't express how much the support everyone gave my family via comments and on Twitter meant to me. You all rule and I owe you a lot of people cookies, beer, and wine. Thank you just seems inadequate but I mean it when I say 'thank you, I'd totally lick you if you standing right here.'


Anonymous said...

Poor baby girl.

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

Poor thing.

Don't forget to take of mama, you've been on a wild trip there.


for a different kind of girl said...

So happy to hear things went as well as could under the circumstances. Also, tell that sweet girl silver goes better with more things!

Chicky Chicky Baby said...

So glad she's doing better. If any kid is going to pull off a grill, G can.


Anonymous said...

I think you would want your baby girl to look like a pimp with gold teeth. I am glad that everything went well.

Angella said...

So, so glad that everything is OK now, and that you all made it through. Was thinking about you guys all day. :) xoxo

red pen mama said...

Glad to hear all is well. It's so stressful for parents! My little girl was clingy coming out of anesthsia [sic?], but not shouty. And she was HUNGRY. G will rock the new teeth, regardless of color!

daysgoby said...

Be good to you today as well as the fabulous G - that's a hard thing you just went through!

kittenpie said...

Oh, honey, I can only imagine the heart-in-throat feeling of being in the waiting room chair - but I do remember my own mother fainting when she saw me all bruised and bloody after my childhood surgeries, and she's a no-nonsense woman, so know you are not alone here.

Glad G is recovering okay and showing her usual spirit.

Mandy said...

I'm sincerely glad it all went well!

Kyla said...

I feel lucky that in all the times KayTar has gone under, it has always been easy on her. For the MRIs, they give propofol, which Josh and I kind of find second she's all "Ahh!" and then ZONK, like someone took out her battery. For general, though, we've never been present...they wheel her back all smiles and happiness and they knock her out without us. This last time, they said she next time they'll have to pre-sedate her before the gas. The other plus is that she wakes up really well, compared to a lot of the other kids in recovery.

Glad you all survived...hope your sweetie doesn't have to do anymore of this!

Kyla said...

PS: When KayTar had her big surgery in '08, one of the docs said to us, "Go get a coffee or something to eat...enjoy yourselves. You've got the most expensive babysitters that you'll ever have now." Ha! Very true.

Mac and Cheese said...

Just catching up - sorry I missed the actual surgery. That must have really sucked donkey balls. Hope all is back to normal and your anxiety level is down to a dull roar.

Martina said...

So glad I found this!! My girl is 5 and goes next month for the same thing.

Glad your little one did well :)