Monday, May 10

Could MacGruber Win You $100 Dollars? Movies, Money, Oh My.

mmmm RDJ fortified with iron
This past weekend the babysitting gods sat around and laughed heartily at and openly mocked me and my husband while around our fair city Iron Man 2 opened on many, many screens.

Obviously we did not get one measly glimpse at the uber hot Tony Stark, save for passing a poster at the theatre on the way to the grocery store -- which for the record DOES. NOT. COUNT. Yes, I'm not bitter at all, not one drop.

Instead we watched a perfectly good movie on our TV that had Viggo Mortonsen who is a totally acceptable replacement for Robert Downey Jr. Plus I must admit that watching a movie at home is a heck of a lot more comfortable and efficient than going to the theatre. For starters I don't need to put on pants.

But even that excellent reason cannot stop my inner movie snob from pouting because certain movies *cough* Iron Man 2 *cough* were made for the big screen. Please don't get my inner movie snob started on the absolute mandatory requirement of surround-sound or I'll never finish this post which is about both movies and the possibility of winning real money (you, not me winning money SO PLEASE DO HANG ON).


Movies: I love them and when they are seen in an actual theatre, all the better. Of course now that I'm a responsible parent who also has no real babysitter, seeing a theatre movie with my preferred date is a very rare event. Needless to say when the opportunity arises I like to see a movie from my must-see list. Can't have a rare event marred by a stinker movie.

Which brings me to the possibility of winning real cold hard cash part of this post. All you need to do is answer the following movie-related question over at BlogHer and you might win $100 dollars in cold hard cash (cash may or may not be hard but trust me, it still feels good.) So what is the question?

What are your must-see summer movies for 2010? 

For the record, mine are:

  • Iron Man 2 [Three words: Robert. Downey. Jr. Need I say more?]
  • Eclipse [Yes, I'm a Twilight Mom. Stop judging me.]
  • Toy Story 3 [This selection is a direct result of being a parent. Parenthood: it changes you in ways you'd never imagine or even care to admit.]
  • George A. Romero's Survival of the Dead [I'm an unapologetic horror movie lover]
  • The A-Team [Again stop judging me. I could have said MacGruber.]

.... but because of those fancy-schmancy rules, I cannot win. But that doesn't mean you can't. So go on now and get. Share your summer must-see movies over at BlogHer. Trust me, entering to win the money is way easier than finding a babysitter on a Saturday night. Word to this mother.

Good luck!